Even More Basics

Sometimes it’s hard to remove yourself from the warm, coziness of your bed in the morning. While usually a time crunch that’s brought on by my attachment to a nice mattress + comforter leads to a less carefully crafted outfit for me, apparently nothing cancels out that occurrence quite like running low on wearable clothes. Procrastinating on life and laundry has never treated me better.

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Sweater: Charlotte Russe; Skirt: Mossimo (Target); Tights: F21; Boots: Mossimo (Target); Jacket: Rainbow
Sweater: Charlotte Russe; Skirt: Mossimo (Target); Tights: F21; Boots: Mossimo (Target); Jacket: Rainbow

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The Basics

I’m not really one for playing around with basic pieces. I don’t own any white t-shirts and I generally prefer things with an extra flair to them (more bang for my styling buck), which is why when I head back to basics, I think more about playing with basic formulas and methods for styling.

It can be a little intimidating when you’re thinking up what you should wear and you’re looking through every single item in your closet. Should you hit the world up with a snazzy sparkly skirt? Make it a little fancy with a printed collared shirt? I recommend thinking of a simple combo and then filling in the blanks: Sweater + Jeans + Socks + Boots. From there, you hit that magical point where you’re restricting yourself to specific types of pieces, while still leaving room for your creativity to shine through. So style it up, keep it classy, and go bold while also heading back to the basics!


Sweater: Newport News (Goodwill); Jeans: American Eagle Outfitters; Socks: ?; Shoes: Mossimo (Target)

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Valentine’s Day LookBook

Whether your V-day bae is an actual human being or the all powerful tri-force of Netflix, WiFi, and a laptop, you deserve to look a solid 10! Here are 3 outfits in under 2 minutes to offer some inspiration for looking lovely while you spend some time with your one true love!

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January Favorites

Because I like to like things, here are some things that I liked a lot last month!

♥Products Mentioned:♥
Revlon ColorStay Foundation
elf Smudge Pots in Wine Not, Poppin’ Party, and Back to Basics
NARS Lip Pencils in Rikugien and Cruella
Side-Tassel Chunky Hell Booties
American Flag Beanie
Blanket Scarf
The Amazing Book is Not on Fire
Troye Sivan “Blue Neighborhood”

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Pointless Sweater

I have a love of sweaters that runs so great that I don’t even have a need for them to be functional anymore. This sweater does nothing to keep me warm in this emerging winter cold and I decided to continue the trend of non-winter-functional pieces by layering it over top of this pastel, floral sleeveless button-down. I’m on this new kick of pulling my summer pieced into winter wear because I like a challenge (read: my wardrobe is not as expansive as I wish it was). Don’t limit your clothes to the season friends. Mix and match to your heart’s content. Live your dreams.


Sweater Mountain Lake; Blouse: H&M; Skirt: Wall Flower; Tights: ?; Boots: Charlotte Russe

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Little Green Monster

The best part about going home for breaks is getting to delve into my wardrobe with all of the clothes that I haven’t been able to wear while I’m at school. For instance, I had completely forgotten that I owned this delightfully fuzzy monstrosity which is why it’s getting a little love from me today. It’s wonderful because it’s warm, but slightly less wonderful because it sheds and only has 3/4 length sleeves so my arm-shins are always cold. Despite that, my poor chilly arm-shins have never been styled better.


Sweater: ?; Jeans: American Eagle Outfitters; Shoes: Mossimo (Target); Necklace: Forever 21

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Warm Novembers

It’s a shame that I want to welcome November in with warm coat clothed arms and mitten covered hands, but I can’t because it’s still 70 degrees outside. Regardless of that, I refuse to go back to wearing shorts. My fall aesthetic is in full swing and while I won’t go full force with it, I won’t let the temperature stop me from wearing my tights and knitwear. For that reason, I decided to pair one of my summer favorite, this lightweight, open back F21 dress, with colored tights and a chunky cardigan. It’s warm enough to keep me from suffering in the freezing classroom but not so warm that I won’t be able to survive the actual outdoors.

100_4694new 100_4693new

Cardigan: Outback Red; Dress: Forever 21; Tights: Forever 21; Booties: Mossimo (Target); Hat: ?
Cardigan: Outback Red; Dress: Forever 21; Tights: Forever 21; Booties: Mossimo (Target); Hat: ?

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Print Out Loud

I usually enjoy a bit of color coordinating and thoughtful pattern mixing, but this morning I simply could not be bothered with the process. It was dark in my room, I was cold, and I was also tired. This all adds up to me not caring whether or not I looked as if I had gotten dressed with my eyes closed and I have never been more pleased. I love a bold print or colored sweater and I love a good floral, so why not put them together? If it’s what you feel good in, then it’s what you look good in!

100_4667 100_4671

Sweater: Newport News (Goodwill); Skirt: Wetseal; Tights: Forever 21; Boots: Mossimo (Target)
Sweater: Newport News (Goodwill); Skirt: Wetseal; Tights: Forever 21; Boots: Mossimo (Target)

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