Heavy In Your Arms

I think that someone should rewrite Little Red Riding Hood into a more modern version with werewolves instead of the big bad wolf and a basket full of store-bought soups rather than a basket full of goodies. It’d probably end up being some sort of awkward combination of Hoodwinked! and Red Riding Hood (2011 film). I’d so write that (comic book style), but I’m too lazy, so I just wore this “costume” instead.

Headband: ?; Hoodie: Sonoma (borrowed); Dress: Delia*s; Tights: GEORGE via Wal-Mart; Boots: White Mountain via TJ Maxx; Necklaces: Etsy

Apple cider, vanilla chai tea, honey, and grits…grocery stores and Wal-Marts have ruined me. Poor grandma….



I always think there’s something wrong whenever I’m standing at the bus stop in a really fancy and proper outfit (which I deem fancy and proper because I’m wearing a bow tie and a button up – that’s right, I dress smart occasionally), but the music I’m listening ruins the mood. Here I am thinking I should apply to Harvard or crack out the philosophy books and the like when Slipknot comes on. Let’s get one thing straight; I do like Slipknot (they’re the first band of the “heavy-metal” genre that I ever actually enjoyed), but they totally killed the mood. Unfortunately, they didn’t kill it as harshly as I killed Eminem’s Stan about 3 songs later.

Shirt: Mountain Lake via Goodwill; Sweater: Faded Glory via Wal-Mart; Jeans: Jodarche via Wal-Mart; Shoes: No Call via Shoe Show; Bow Tie: My father’s
The sole of my loafer is coming off! I can’t handle the idea of handling life without them!

I’m wearing a flannel button up and leopard print loafers. I’m like a classy lumberjack.

P.S. That fall weather is killer! I have so much respect for people who take photos outside when it’s cold.


Costumes for Procrastinators

If you guys are anything like me, you’re prone to major procrastination. For me, this wouldn’t be too big of a problem if it weren’t for the fact that I had plans for dressing up for Halloween but procrastinated on getting a costume. So, I thought I’d help all of my fellow procrastinating friends with a post on some super easy costumes that include items that you may already own.

If you have a white dress…

You can go as Red Riding Hood! I think the easiest way to do this is to go for a more urban/modern version and swap the cloak for a red hoodie. Then use one of those re-usable grocery bags and tell people that you were off to deliver some canned soup and cough drops to your sickly grandmamma but ran into a wolf on the way back from the local grocery store.

For this look, you’ll need:

  • A White Dress (preferably one that’s above the knee and comes out at the waist to mimic children’s style clothing)
  • A Red Hoodie or Cape
  • Tights (I think black works the best with the white dress for a classic look, but feel free to expand into other colors)
  • Flat Shoes (just pick a pair that you could walk through a forest in)
  • A Basket (you can use an old Easter egg basket or pick a basket up from a dollar store in the area where they keep their low quality home decorations)

If you have black jeans and a black shirt…Be a bank robber (or any sort of robber that doesn’t have the word cradle in front of it, to be honest)! It sounds really ridiculous, but I’m pretty sure you won’t run into someone else wearing the same costume as you. Just remember, kids, don’t wear a ski mask. You’re a pretend bank robber, not a real one. You wouldn’t want anyone to mistake you for a serial killer.

For this look you’ll need:

  • A Fitted Black Shirt or Sweater
  • Black Skinny Jeans
  • A Black Beanie
  • Black Flat Shoes
  • A Black Mask (to cover the upper half of your face Robin style-feel free to draw the mask on with face paint)
  • A Belt (if you can find one, try using a tool belt or a makeup belt that has compartments in it to carry all of your bank robbing equipment)
  • A Flashlight (to see the safe you’re busting into)
  • A White Pillow Case (fill it up half way, tie the top closed with a piece of string, and toss it over your shoulder)

If you have a light blue dress…Fall through that rabbit hole and get friendly with the Mad Hatter because you’re Alice in Wonderland! This is one of those costumes that I’ve always wanted to be, but never was because I couldn’t figure out how to create the look. By the time I’d figured it out, it was too late, since I’d already developed a style crush on the Mad Hatter.

For this look you’ll need:

  • A Blue Dress (preferably one with at least a cap sleeve that comes out at the waist)
  • An Apron (optional, but recommended)
  • White Tights
  • Black Flats
  • A Black Headband (bow optional)

If you have a flowy, light-colored dress…

You can literally be any sort of humanoid mythical woodland creature! Just roll in some body shimmer or slather on the sparkly lotion and you can probably convince your friends that you came from a magical forest. Feel free to make up a mystical sounding name or look up a creature that isn’t that common in folklore and spend the night pretending that you sleep in the trees.

For this look you’ll need:

  • A Light-Colored Flowy Dress (like a maxi dress or a short chiffon type dress)
  • Flower Hair Pins or a Floral Headband (there are tons of quick DIYs online if you don’t already own flower pins ar the headband)
  • Wings (only use if you specifically want to be a fairy-can be bought in the children’s section of a dollar store)
  • Sandals or Moccasins
  • Long Pendant Necklaces (optional)
  • Body Shimmer (store buy it or mix glitter into your lotion)

Hopefully this gave someone out there some ideas for Halloween or any other sort of costume appropriate idea (or at least wasn’t a complete waste of 3-5 minutes of your life)! In the mean time, I shall be trying to pick my own costume. I’m currently stuck between being a mythical woodland creature (I like any reason to be sparkly) and Red Riding Hood. I feel like both would work seeing as I’m quite short. What do you guys think?

P.S. What is your dream costume?

Randome Weekend

Gah! I missed my blog so much! I apologize for not posting in a while, but I was having issues logging into my account (they’re the kind of issues that make my friends laugh at me for using Internet Explorer) and couldn’t figure out how to get in until about an hour ago. So, I decided to do a random weekend post so we can all play catch up.

Thrifted Wood Beaded Necklace
I have Run but no DMC…only my koala…
Sneak Peek of some future DIYs!

I bought a Batman belt!

Church’s Chicken has the cutest pictures on their sauce! Too bad the contents aren’t even half as enjoyable as the packaging.
Harry Potter quote!

It’s an apple pie made inside the apple! That’s right, you can eat the whole thing!

Sorry for lack of outfits. I haven’t done serious laundry in about a month. As you can probably tell, I’m one of those people who’d rather go to the store and buy a new pack of underwear than actually touch my washer machine. Now, I’m off to plan for a Halloween post for tomorrow! 🙂

P.S. The pie recipe can be found here! It’s perfect for fall!

Cold Coffee

All of my friends tend to have fun joking about the fact that I still shop in the children’s section for a lot of my clothes. I mean, I have fun with it too, once you get over the initial awkwardness of picking up a shirt you like and immediately having to put it down once you see an 8 year old with a starstruck gaze at the same exact top. Once, you get over that though, it’s like a bucket of cheaper-than-junior-section style fun.

Hat: Wal-Mart; Cardigan: Cato; Dress: Delia’s; Tights: Wal-Mart; Boots: White Mountain; Scarf: ?


This has possibly been one of the most unproductive weeks of my existence (standard education wise). I’ve been meaning to study for the PSAT, even went out and got a practice book and everything, but unfortunately, studying just feels like a fantasy. The whole concept of it was probably ruined for me when I opened the book on Monday and they kept talking about things like “interior angles” and “polygons”. I don’t remember geometry. I don’t know about this “30, 60, 90” thing. All I know is that this outfit is warm and deserves to be celebrated with a cup of cocoa and a season of Sherlock. Yeah, I’m taking a vacation in Procrasti-Nation.

Sweater: De Rotchild; T-Shirt: Micky and Co. via Goodwill; Skirt: Crimson and Clover via TJ Maxx; Jeans: Cato; Boots: Old Navy via Goodwill; Necklaces: Etsy; Hat: Wal-Mart


I think my mom’s under the impression that I plan to rob a bakery or something today. I get the feeling it’s the hat that did it in for me, but I can’t help it. It’s cold in my house, this outfit is warm, and this is the closest I can ever get to “bumming”. Unfortunately, the result is me looking like I’m going through a “grunge” phase. Luckily, I already went through that and no longer feel the need to dress the part just to prove that I’m “more edgy and cultured than thou”. It’s more fun to dress like myself while blasting Lithium and Symphony Hall from my radio-Sirius Satellite Radio FTW!!!

Hat: ?; Top: Mountain Lake via Goodwill; Shorts: Arizona; Tights: GEORGE via Wal-Mart; Shoes: Converse via Goodwill; Necklace: Etsy

Oh, yeah! And for all you Americans out there, Happy Columbus Day! …even if I don’t exactly understand what we’re celebrating…