Valentine’s Day LookBook

Whether your V-day bae is an actual human being or the all powerful tri-force of Netflix, WiFi, and a laptop, you deserve to look a solid 10! Here are 3 outfits in under 2 minutes to offer some inspiration for looking lovely while you spend some time with your one true love!

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Stars and Hearts

I am definitely in love with this new star studded t-shirt that I bought last week at CATO Fashions and promptly went on to show in my last post. As of late, I haven’t actually been a fan of buying t-shirts when I want to add to my closet because I already own so many and only wear the same 5 over and over again. Despite my initial reservations, I couldn’t pass on buying this shirt because it combines my love for pretending I’m edgy while wearing studs and pieces that carry simple, but fun prints. Therefore, the was no better way than to show my love for this star studded shirt than with a pair of heart printed jeans.

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Top: CATO Fashions; Jeans: DIY; Shoes: Old Navy; Necklace: Forever 21; Bag: Thrifted
Top: CATO Fashions; Jeans: DIY; Shoes: Old Navy; Necklace: Forever 21; Bag: Thrifted

The Trier

Yesterday I had my senior photo session, and, as I do with most things, procrastinated on picking out my casual outfits and filling out some of the forms I was supposed to have done. No, I did not know what backgrounds I preferred or if there were any particular poses I just had to have (model I am not). I didn’t even know where the building I was getting my photos done was at. Luckily, I’m good at pulling things together last moment and having them look semi decent, just like this outfit, which I chose to be my first casual. I think it says something about myself: I try, but I don’t like to look like I’m trying too hard even when I do try really hard.

100_1809 100_1812

Shirt: Vintage Vinyl (Goodwill); Skirt: Wall Flower; Shoes: ? (Goodwill); Necklace: Etsy
Shirt: Vintage Vinyl (Goodwill); Skirt: Wall Flower; Shoes: ? (Goodwill); Necklace: Etsy


(Un)Calmly Waiting

If you don’t live somewhere on the non-northern hemisphere (or perhaps it’s more of a vertical split in the planet that determines weather), like, for example, Australia, then you’ve probably realized that autumn is on its way. Unfortunately for me, it seems to be taking a leisurely stroll to my neighborhood when it could have just sped over in its Ferrari. So, until autumn does actually hit its destination, I’ll have to resign myself to making Polyvore sets of all the outfit ideas I’d like to try when the tree leaves get crispy.

Fun Sweater + Shorts + Cool LeggingsSweater: Happy Family Clothing via for $28; Plaid Shirt: Full Tilt via for $27; Shorts: Ksubi via for $200; Baroque Print Leggings: Miss Selfridge via for $35; Ankle Booties: Crush via for $49; Bag: TALLY WEiJL via for $26

Oversized Sweater + Edgy Mini + Colored TightsSweater: for $48; Edgy Mini: H&M via for $13; Tights: Topshop via for $8 (sold out); Moccasins: Minnetonka via for $40; Backpack: ASOS via for $76; Necklace: for $14

Vintage Sweater + Girly Mini + Combat BootsVintage Sweater: for $42; Lace Mini: Miso via for $41; Tights: Hobbs via for $16; Combat Boots: Soda via for $30; Skinny Belt: for $32; Bag: Laconic Fashion via for $23

Sorry if you live in the koala’s native country, in which the sentiments of this post are slightly irrelevant. If it makes you feel better, you still get to brag about your geographical superiority. Being a country and a continent at the same time totally triumphs over every other country or continent’s feats. Though it does make me wonder what it must be like to be New Zealand. I don’t think most Americans even know what a Zealandia is…curse you World Geography (which you can probably tell I did poorly in)!