Winter Dreaming

It’s almost winter! Okay, that’s a bit of a lie, but I’m feeling really inspired for the winter season, leading to these lovely outfits down here. As you can probably tell, I’m one of those people who like to wear dresses and skirts year round (my shins are the only part of my legs that really get cold and I have a passionate love for tights), but floral jeans deserve much respect for bringing some spring flare into freezing temperatures. Enjoy! ūüôā

Collared Sweater + Printed Jeans + Studded LoafersSweater: SheInside for $30; Floral Jeans: Abercrombie & Fitch for $50; Studded Loafers: Head Over Heels at Debenhams for $24; Quilted Bag: Vera Bradley for $47; Hat: H&M for $11

Oversized Sweater + Tribal Mini + Studded BootiesSweater: SheInside for $32; Skirt: Reverse at ShopAKIRA for $45; Tights: Truffle at Clothing at Tesco for $45; Bag: Sold Out; Necklace: SheInside for $12

Snuggly  Cardi + Polka Dot Dress + OxfordsCardigan: H&M for $24; Dress: Oasap for $56; Tights: Not Available; Oxfords: OLLIO at Amazon for $16; Feather Necklace: OASIS for $22; Scarf: Topshop for $32

Lace On Cupcakes

Hello everyone! And by hello, I actually mean goodnight since it’s dark outside where I live right now (the joys of winter). I wish I could have posted this earlier but I was having internet issues (I have IE9 and need to upgrade to be able to continue using WordPress to the max). Regardless, here is my outfit from Thanksgiving (I decided to get a little fancy). I went lace on lace because I sweet like a cupcake.

Blazer: Monteau via TJ Maxx; Blouse: TJ Maxx; Jeans: Rodarche; Moccasins: No Call via Shoe Show; Necklaces: Etsy

Random (sickly) Weekend

Sorry I was gone again for such a long gap, guys. I’ve kind of had a really terrible week. It technically all started last Wednesday when my AP Language teacher (who was my favorite teacher) quit her job because a lot of the kids at school didn’t like her “teaching style” which led her to the point in her life where she decided that she’d rather be jobless than come to school every day and be criticized¬†for 7 hours straight. Fortunately, my school had a replacement lined¬† up for her who came in that Thursday and was really committed to the job despite the fact that she was due to give birth to her child this December. We began class as normal for the next two days, but on Monday¬†we found out that her and her unborn child had both passed away¬†over the weekend. Then, on Thursday, I got sick (which is quite trivial in comparison to what happened to my teacher). I guess things have to get worse before they get better, huh?

Marshmallows for a sore throat!
My temporary BFFs
Things I should have studied
Because the best Chinese takeout places give you calendars
The last thing I ever painted
I hope this says what it’s supposed to say
My first serious painting (it’s been sitting around for about 2 years)
Taking showers gives me a baby afro
My lucky curling iron makes it all better
I made smores!


I know I’m a little bit late on this, but now is as good of a time as ever to express my excitement over the fact that it is finally November! Exciting things are happening this much, such as the 2012 United States presidential election, Thanksgiving, and NaNoWriMo. I’m particularly¬†pumped¬†for that last one, seeing as I’m a participant this year. In case you don’t know what NaNoWriMo is, it’s an event in which people all over the world decide that they’re going to write a 50,000 word novel in the month of November. That’s right, 50,000 words in 30 days, which is the reason I’m a bit late on this November enthusiasm post. Alas, this outfit screamed to be posted and then screamed again while I was taking photos (those crisp fall leaves were trying to get a bit too friendly with the lace of¬†my skirt).

Sweater: CATO via Goodwill; Lace Maxi Skirt: ? via TJ Maxx; Tights: Wal-Mart; Shoes: L.E.I. via Wal-Mart; Necklaces: Etsy; Belt: Goodwill

In case anyone was curious (and because I like any excuse to bring it up in conversation) the novel I’m writing revolves around the idea of dreaming. Ooooh. Inspired by that theme I decided to put a dream related snippet at the end of every outfit post this month.

Dream Fact: We only dream of faces that we’ve seen before. The mind doesn’t create faces; instead, it draws upon the faces of people we see and may not really remember, like the mailman or some random jogger on the street.