I feel like I’m way too unpatriotic to have actual justification for my love of nearly anything with the American flag plastered over it. Unfortunately, when I saw this sweater while out shopping last week, it was just too much of a beauty to pass up on. It’s oversized, snuggly, and, despite the fact that I’m typically attracted to solid and/or simply patterned sweater, the print was incredibly enticing. I don’t know. Maybe I’ve changed. Maybe I’m going to start obsessing over ultra-American things and toss out my love for all things foreign like Benedict Cumberbatch and Battle Royale and Little Mix’s new song Move and Sherlock and Life with Derek and Le Portrait de Petit Cossette (really, just anime and manga in general here; I appreciate it all). Eh, probably not. My love for entertainment runs way too deep.100_2140 100_2136

Hat: ?; Sweater: Newport News (Goodwill) ; Scarf: (Goodwill); Jeans: CATO; Socks: Forever 21; Boots: White Mountain (TJ Maxx)
Hat: ?; Sweater: Newport News (Goodwill) ; Scarf: (Goodwill); Jeans: CATO; Socks: Forever 21; Boots: White Mountain (TJ Maxx)
Look who came to hang out with me!
Look who came to hang out with me!


Cuddle Love

So it’s that time of the year again! I’m not talking about fall; I’m talking about “almost-fall” when the leaves are falling off the trees but its still burning up outdoors and I’m just thinking ‘weather, what are you doing?’. Yes, that time of the year when you leave out in the morning and it’s fit for tights, a warm sweater, and a cup of hot cocoa, yet when you make your way home in the afternoon you suddenly begin to question why you didn’t decide to wear a pair of shorts. It’s a horribly confusing time, but even the seasons have to go through their awkward and unattractive phase, which is why I found it most pertinent to bring you all a brand new etsy lovin’ scarf appreciation post. Cuddle up in one in the morning, discard it in the afternoon, and transition back and forth as you so please. They are a gift from the fashion gods.

Item No. 10: Alice in Wonderland Book Scarf

Nothing is more befitting for this season then cuddling up with a nice book in some warm clothes, and now you get to do so at half the effort seeing as the book is literally in the scarf! Or you could just wear it for aesthetic purposes! Either way, you get the fun of looking like an intellectual and nothing’s better than that!

Item No. 9: Coral Infinity Scarf

Coral is the color that dreams are made of.

Item No. 8:  Black and White Scroll Infinity Scarf, Flannel Floral Pattern

A very classy scarf, made to fit a very classy person. What I may lack in chicness, this scarf will clearly make up for in its design.

Item No. 7: infinity knitted women scarf men scarf –  loop scarf

This is obviously a scarf that anyone can enjoy (which may be part of the reason why its creator went on to specify that its for men, women, and loop lovers everywhere) and it has that softness to it that I can feel through my computer screen. I can definitely picture myself cuddling up in this warm thing, embracing the monotony of black, white, and grey (which I deem to be the colors of my soul) while silently judging the leaves that fall from the trees that remind me that a day or two of raking the yard is in my future.

Item No. 6: Cranberry Infinity Scarf

Is red not the color of passion fit for such passionate souls such as that which lies within us? I don’t know. What I do know is that it looks great on nearly everybody and still manages to be eye-catching even in this muted tone.

Item No. 5: Pink scarf shawl

I’m in the midst of having a serious love affair with the color pink and this scarf is doing nothing but tempting me. It has lace, bows, and ruffles all wrapped into one quirky, girly package. What’s not to love?

Item No. 4: Giraffe print so soft cotton infinity scarf

Why pay to take a trip to the zoo, when you can have to zoo come to you in you scarf? Look at those majestic giraffes run wild around that white backdrop, living freely without a care in the world. Live that life. Be that life.

Item No. 3: Ombre Braided Maroon Scarf

This is a scarf that speaks for itself.

Item No. 2: Beige Skull Scarf

I’ve always wanted to live that hardcore lifestyle, but I’m just not that hardcore of a person. For those of us who want to live on the edge, but don’t actually have what it takes to reside there full time, their is this scarf. Vibrant and edgy without being overbearing; it calls for us.

Item No. 1: Lace Knit Scarf

Shall we take a step back and gaze at perfection at its finest? Shall we admire the blend of the beauty that it mint mixed with the gentle elegance of lace?

Are you feeling the wonder of the scarves as well? Which one was your favorite? Or were they all so terrible that you hated them all (though I really hope that wasn’t the case)?

Sky Blue Saturdays

Hello everybody! Sorry for the little (or, I suppose, long) hiatus I took as I realized just how much I hate mosquitoes and spent time adjusting to doing this ‘school thing’ again. Luckily, I’m back and apparently doing speech competitions which means I get to show all of my new fancy business wear, which is basically just me trying to look different while wearing the same skirt over and over again. I was feeling pretty snazzy during my Saturday competition and decided to go for a bow tie, that somehow turned out to be a crowd favorite. Forensics kids really seem to like neckwear and I am definitely not one to go against that trend.100_2090 100_2094

Cardigan: ? (Goodwill); Shirt: Girl Connection (Walmart); Skirt: Spring Street (Goodwill); Tights: GEORGE (Walmart); Shoes: l.e.i. (Walmart); Bowtie: my dad's; Belt: ? (Goodwill); Purse: thrifted
Cardigan: ? (Goodwill); Shirt: Girl Connection (Walmart); Skirt: Spring Street (Goodwill); Tights: GEORGE (Walmart); Shoes: l.e.i. (Walmart); Bowtie: my dad’s; Belt: ? (Goodwill); Purse: thrifted

I also went to wedding during my off-blogging time and it was lovely!100_2083 100_2070 100_2073 100_2062