Valentine’s Day LookBook

Whether your V-day bae is an actual human being or the all powerful tri-force of Netflix, WiFi, and a laptop, you deserve to look a solid 10! Here are 3 outfits in under 2 minutes to offer some inspiration for looking lovely while you spend some time with your one true love!

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Valentine’s Nails

Because I’m very cheesy and have not done a nail art post in a while, I decided to give a thematic one a go and post some Valentine’s Day nail art that I’ve been rocking for the past week. They’re all very simple designs that only relied on 3 polishes each (both of which include my favorite polish in the color ‘love’ from Pure Ice) and were painted to the musical stylings of Ariana Grande and her album Your’s Truly, which I will be blasting all day on Friday as I prepare for my super hot date with my laptop and my box of Thin Mints. Hopefully, any of you who are looking to do some semi-festive, but still fairly relaxed nail art are inspired!100_2437100_2431 100_2405 100_2395

Hope you guys have a great Valentine’s Day and feel free to drop your plans for it down in the comments! 🙂