The Cozy Sweater

I’m already about 3 days into my spring break and so far my only accomplishments are doing some mild grocery shopping, eating chocolate, making some “art”, and re-watching the entirety of Black Butler. On the bright side, it has finally stopped snowing which means that I now find it safe enough to go out and take pictures! Perhaps I’ll even spend today outside for once. Or maybe not. Breaks have a tendency to turn me into a hermit.100_1227 100_1224

Sweater: Heart N Crush; Jeans: DIY; Shoes: SOX (Goodwill)
Sweater: Heart N Crush; Jeans: DIY; Shoes: ? (Goodwill)

Day 4: Paint a Collage

I don’t really collage a lot (I’ve probably tried about 5 times in my whole life) nor do I paint that often for one reason: I have an incredibly short attention span. I’m jealous of people who can spend hours or days working on a piece seeing as I feel the itch of restlessness after a mere 45 minutes. Add this in with the fact that I’m not, and most likely never will be, the apt painter that I aspire to be and you have the results of today’s challenge.100_1216 100_1218 100_1223

Day 3: Draw Something Inspired By A Song

And this is the point at which things begin to go a bit downhill. I did these two pieces last night at about 11-ish and ended up hating both of them. Well, actually, I did the first one and decided it looked terrible so I went through the efforts of doing a very rough second one before ultimately coming to the conclusion that this challenge just wasn’t really going to work out well for me. Oh, well. Everyone can’t be a winner.100_1212 100_1215

Day 1: Draw An Animal

Happy Saturday everyone! A little bit ago (i.e. yesterday) a friend and I decided to do an art challenge over spring break. Rather than sitting at home and being lazy for 9 days, we decided to sit at home, be lazy, and make art for 9 days. In the spirit of the challenge, I decided to post the works I create up for your (the reader’s) viewing pleasure. Now, without further ado, I present to you today’s challenge: Dik-Dik Nation.100_1197

*Note: Dik-diks are African antelopes and are quite the adorable creature.


Forever the Scholar

This outfit is dedicated to the past week that has solely revolved around the concept of testing. What better way to celebrate the end of my stint of testing and the beginning of spring break than with an outfit that shows my younger self’s perception of a scholarly-type person? These outfits typically include some sort of smart sweater worn over top of a collared shirt and a clean white sock. As they say, when you look good you feel good, which means that when I dress smart I feel smart. Of course, feeling intelligent does not necessarily mean that I will suddenly become the level of intelligent that society expects me to be whenever they try to calculate my mind’s amount of retained information through the process of written tests, but, hey, you win some, you lose some.100_1169 100_1175

Sweater: American Eagle (Goodwill); Blouse: TJ Maxx; Skirt: Sport Gear (Goodwill); Shoes: No Call (Shoe Show); Necklace: Etsy
Sweater: American Eagle (Goodwill); Blouse: TJ Maxx; Skirt: Sport Gear (Goodwill); Shoes: No Call (Shoe Show); Necklace: Etsy

Hello Mother Nature

“Hello Mother Nature” said the guy in my U.S. history class when I sat down next to him wearing my floral print jeans and new flower garnished hand band (one of two things that I bought while I was away at my competition) on Friday. Little did I know that if my life was a novel, that compliment could be considered foreshadowing seeing as Mother Nature showed up while I was at school because the temperature rose from the 30 something degrees it had been when I left to a very sunny 72. My sweater went from being functional and cozy to out of place and irritating while the headband went from being stylish to artistically functional.100_1153 100_1158

Headband: Claire's; Sweater: Faded Glory (Walmart); Jeans: L.E.I. (Walmart); Shoes: No Call (Shoe Show); Necklace: Etsy
Headband: Claire’s; Sweater: Faded Glory (Walmart); Jeans: L.E.I. (Walmart); Shoes: No Call (Shoe Show); Necklace: Etsy

The Other Half of My Mystical Semi Vacation

This is part 2!

Hola! Here is the other half of my pictures from my trip! These are all from my last day in which I finally had the opportunity to explore most of the hotel, almost bought some expensive gelato, and came to the realization that my shopping expectations were too high (I’m a picky shopper-my wallet thinks that’s a great trait to have)!100_1131 100_1132 100_1133 100_1134 100_1135 100_1136 100_1138

The Mystical Semi Vacation

This is part 1!

Hello all! I’m back from my competition (which I lost by the way, but we stopped at Taco Bell on the way back which made us all into winners). As previously mentioned, I have no fancy medals or awards to show you all, but I do come bearing some lovely pictures from the Gaylord Opryland Hotel that smelt like salsa 24/7 and let me live in a few days of rain forest paradise. It was beautiful, the beds were soft, and I was of a country accent-less minority. Enjoy.100_1111 100_1112

The lights inside the hotel lobby were beautiful.
The lights inside the hotel lobby were beautiful.

100_1123 100_1099

The contents of my suitcase.
The contents of my suitcase.


My lovely competition outfit.
My lovely competition outfit.


Unfortunately, I have no pictures from my hotel room (it began to look pretty terrible after the first 10 minutes of me and my roommates entering it), only the lovely views from the room’s balcony.

*Fun Fact: Everything you guys are seeing in these photos is all indoors. In fact, I took half of these picture when it was raining outside! 🙂

Let Us Conclude That I’ve Found Cosmic Love

I feel like it’s been forever since I’ve done a post about my fashion findings from the internet (insert a horrified gasp and head shake of disapproval here) and with my excitement over my upcoming trip to the fabulous Forever 21, I decided to make a post of my favorite things from their site. From this post you should be able to conclude that I am something of a masochist who loves to torture herself by spending hours looking at clothes that she most likely won’t by when she does finally go shopping.

Item #5: The Polka Dot Backpackf21 backpack

I’m generally not a backpack person (I go for cute tote bags and large purses when I’m at school), but occasionally I do find a backpack that strikes my fancy. Perhaps it was polka dot print or maybe it was the leather that caused my to become smitten for this bag; all I know is that this was love at first sight (and not in the tragic Romeo and Juliet “star-crossed lovers” way-except it kind of is because me and this bag will most likely never be together).

Item #4: Star Print Skinny Jeansf21 jeans

I’m not the most patriotic person on earth, but I do have a taste for printed jeans (especially of the white shapes on classic denim variety-though I’m sure you guys may have already picked up on that) which was enough for me to fall for the American flag print trend for denim from last summer. That being said, I was never fashion savvy enough to walk around in jeans that mimic the garnish on every American school’s flag pole, so star print jeans are a lovely compromise.

Item #3: Rosette Cluster Headwrapf21 headband

The only explanation for this is the fact that I love floral headbands and have a toxic relationship with the memories of my 12-year-old self who tried (and failed at) going through both an emo and gothic phase. What better way to celebrate that than with a this accessory that obviously is speaking to my soul?

Item #2: Pleated Straw Pork Pie Hatf21 hat

My classic fedora says “I’m to cool for school.” Unfortunately, I am in school (and loving it), so I need a hat that says “I’m educated with a laid back personality.” Of course, that last statement isn’t all that true (the laid back part is, not the one about whether or not I’m educated), but part of the fun of getting dressed is playing a bit of dress-up, yeah?

Item #1: The Celestial T-Shirt Dress of My Dreamsf21 dress

I like to think of this dress as my one true love. I’d write sonnets about this dress.I’d paint portraits of this dress to rival the Mona Lisa. I’d write Mariah Carey style ballads about this dress. I’d make crappy YouTube videos documenting my relationship with this dress with overly upbeat love songs from One Direction playing in the background. I’d make sure it knew that I will never love another dress as I love it. This dress, my friends, is the dress of my dreams.