Well, I’m glad I can finally be over my first post awkwardness in order to actually present some better quality stuff. And by better quality, I really just mean the actual outfit (because the picture quality isn’t anything brag worthy), rather than the Polyvore set recreation, because while Polyvore sets may be lovely, they don’t allow much freedom to represent the multitude of uses the items within my closet hold.

Now that I’ve got all that babble out the way, lets move onto the actual outfit with my DIY-ed lace trim skinnies. They represent everything good that can come from having too much time on your hands and no friends that wish to talk to you.

Blazer: Last Kiss; Tee: Aeropostale; Jeans: Old Navy; Belt: Goodwill; Shoes: Goodwill; Necklaces: Some shut down Etsy shops

Excuse the inconsistency of my camera work and my monotonous facial expression. Photography isn’t my forte and I literally only have about 7 different facial expressions (and half of them look the same). Now, I must attend to a pile of moldy Tupperware containers from cleaning my fridge. Wish me luck as I spend the next half hour wondering if the items in there are mangos (though I don’t recall buying any of those) or chicken strips (which I don’t recall purchasing either). 🙂


An Ode to Purple Minis

I think I have a problem. Said problem is purple, a mini skirt, and wishes it were made out of actual corduroy fabric. Yes, it’s a “cute” skirt (in theory) and looks great with hot pink socks and a pair of Chucks, but something about it just rubs me the wrong way. It’s like that person you meet who is perfectly nice to you, yet you just can’t bring yourself to actually want to befriend them. Of course, pretty much everybody’s had this experience, so there’s nothing really wrong with my issue. Well, nothing other than my uttermost refusal to actually part ways with my skirt. Alas, it’s an itch that I just can’t scratch. On the bright side, though, it’s an itch that styles well.