Flower Power Forever

Floral on floral on floral on floral. I’m super excited for fall, but it’s still fairly warm outside in the southern United States, so I decided to momentarily embrace those vibes while I still can and pair together this ensemble. I’m no stranger to floral print and floral print amplified in my outfit is always a plus. In that spirit I paired this somewhat ornately illustrated floral print blouse with my antique style floral print overall dress. I skipped accessories this time around because the top and skirt make enough of a statement on their own for now, but who knows. I may revisit this look again and go floral print Xtreme.100_4482new 100_4485new

Dress: Kohl's; Top: H&M; Shoes: H&M
Dress: Kohl’s; Top: H&M; Shoes: H&M

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Backyard Stripes

Hello, all! Today I continue with my love for all within the overall family with this dazzlin’ overall dress. If you’ve checked me out on my YouTube or Instagram then you may already be acquainted with this lovely piece of sewn together fabric, but if you don’t and are a little late, well, then welcome to the party. I picked this dress up from Rainbow and was drawn to the subtle stripes within the denim. I wanted to play with that a bit by pairing it with a less subtle chevron print top. It all makes for a nice casual and playful combo.

100_4016new 100_4018new

Dress: Rainbow; Top: j. h.Collection (Goodwill); Shoes: Walmart
Dress: Rainbow; Top: j. h.Collection (Goodwill); Shoes: Walmart

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#56ff75 Green

Yesterday when I was picking out my outfit I came across my trusty old American flag sweater and experienced what I like to call the ‘autumn blues’. The autumn blues are that feeling you get when you realize all of those awesome fall things that you’re missing out on because the weather isn’t appropriate enough for you to enjoy them. These awesome fall things include, but are not exclusive to, vanilla chai tea, chunky scarves, knit tights, peacoats, muted tones of everything, pumpkin spice lattes, and the amazing comfort of sweaters. So, when I picked up that sweater I had a vision of wearing it with a nice pair of shortalls, a black scarf, and some black tights right before my A/C kicked on reminding me that summer is still going strong and leaving me with a case of the autumn blues.

Of course, I wasn’t going to let that hold me back and if I couldn’t have autumn, I figured I might as well enjoy a piece from my autumn collection and wear this delightfully bright sweater. The nearly neon green is just the right kind of fun for the summer and the looser knit has kept me from experiencing too many problems with the heat. Most importantly, I’m getting that refreshing touch of fall in my outfit and that’s enough to keep me going until it gets cool again.

100_3007 100_3009 100_3015

Sweater: Decoded; Shortalls: l.e.i. (Walmart); Shoes: DIY; Necklace: Wet Seal
Sweater: Decoded; Shortalls: l.e.i. (Walmart); Shoes: DIY; Necklace: Wet Seal

Are any of you guys experiencing the autumn blues and, also, what’s you’re favorite thing about fall?

Vacation From My Vacation

Hello guys! I feel like I haven’t posted in forever, more than likely because I actually haven’t posted in a long time. Usually, breaks in my posts happen because I’m feeling uninspired in terms of my outfits and I don’t find them to be worth sharing, but this time I actually was away traveling to Disney World for my national HOSA competition/conference and then to Memphis for my college orientation. That being said, I am back now, though I do have another trip scheduled for the weekend, and plan to post some more outfits posts and, hopefully, nail art posts soon!100_2832 100_2823 100_2835 100_2836 100_2927 100_2909


On the odd chance that any of you are interested in seeing any of my photos from my time at Disney World feel free to stop by my re-vamped tumblr where I’ve been posting some of the photos I’ve taken (and where my ask box is always open if you ever want to chat) or check out my instagram!

It’s Gonna Be a Shortall Summer

On a scale of 1 to 10, I’d rate my love for shortalls at about a solid 15. They’re quickly becoming my favorite summer item in my wardrobe, which I personally find to be an odd discovery because I’ve never actually been a fan of wearing shorts. Despite that, I find shortalls to be particularly wonderful. They’re effortlessly casual, the straps are adjustable (which is a plus in any item of clothing wear for me), and tend to have a lot of pockets. They’re pretty much one of the best purchases I’ve made this summer.


Shortalls: l.e.i. (Walmart); T-Shirt: Next Level Apparel (Rhodes College)l Necklace: Wetseal; Shoes: No Call (Shoe Show)


Dressed in Black

If there’s any change I’ve noticed in my style between this summer and the previous one, it’s my increasing distaste for wearing jeans. For some reason, I just can’t handle the heat like I used to and have been inspired to get out of the metaphorical kitchen (i.e. the state of consistently wearing jeans) in place of a cooler location of my house (i.e. the state of wearing anything that isn’t a pair of jeans). I’ve quickly grown more fond of the loose skirts, dresses, and gym shorts in my closet and plan to focus on expanding my collection of those, because they’re just as comfortable and care free as my outfit which just so happens to be my last day of finals outfit! In it I can comfortably mourn the closing of my high school career as I make my final step towards graduation before I can open up a new chapter of my life in college. Yay! (and another quieter ‘yay!’ for the students loans that i’m trying to make myself feel better about having to take out!)

100_2767 100_2770 100_2771

Cardigan Thing: ?; Tank Top: Faded Glory (Walmart); Skirt: Wall Flower; Shoes: ? (Goodwill); Wallet: Rainbow; Watch: ? (Walmart); Necklace: Etsy
Cardigan Thing: ?; Tank Top: Faded Glory (Walmart); Skirt: Wall Flower; Shoes: ? (Goodwill); Wallet: Rainbow; Watch: ? (Walmart); Necklace: Etsy

Shortall Summer

As you guys may have seen in my last post I am officially an owner of my very own pair of shortalls. Its actually a surprise to me that I enjoy them, seeing as I despise wearing shorts, but I’ve fallen in love. Last year when I first saw overalls becoming ‘chic’ I was enamored but afraid to venture into that territory for fear of looking like a child, which isn’t that difficult for me. This summer, I allowed my curiosity to get the better of me and the result is my happiness.

100_1881 100_1880

Top: Mountain Lake (Goodwill); Shortalls: Xhilaration  (Goodwill); Shoes: ? (Goodwill); Necklace: Walmart
Top: Mountain Lake (Goodwill); Shortalls: Xhilaration
(Goodwill); Shoes: ? (Goodwill); Necklace: Walmart


While I may only own one pair of shortalls, my obsession has continued onto me looking at them on the internet and imagining what my life would be like in every pair. Here are my top 5:Shortalls Appreciation

1) Tribal Print Shortalls – $23

2) Topshop Paisley Shortalls – $40

3) Tinseltown Denim Short Overalls – $20

4) Boohoo Sienna Pinafore Dungaree Culottes – $24 (out of stock)

5) USA Flag Print Frayed Dungaree Playsuit – £25 ($38)


Random Weekend

Today I decided to take a stroll from the land of Work That Actually Needs To Be Done and into the lovely world of procrastination with a random weekend post (which hasn’t been done in a while due to the fact that I actually don’t like the word ‘random’). Who needs to know the importance of Supreme Court cases when they can waste time taking pictures of things in their sketchbooks and reading books that have no relation to the actual subjects of their study? Yay for avoiding education!

Some light summer reading to keep the mind fresh!
Some light summer reading to keep the mind fresh!


Educational films are the perfect replacement for “by the book” learning.


I bought this poster and I now have no clue about what to do with it.
I bought this poster and I have no clue about what to do with it.


Banana flavored ice cream is the world’s best invention.


This is my first new phone in about 3 years.
This is my first new phone in about 3 years.


I bought shortalls!
I bought shortalls!


Sometimes I wonder what I was thinking when I look at some drawings in my sketchbook.


What did the baby corn say to the mama corn? Where's pop corn!?
What did the baby corn say to the mama corn? Where’s pop corn!?


I haven’t even heard of most of these.

And we can happily close this post out with some of the cases that I should be studying right now. Delightful!

So Lazy You’d Think It’s My Job

I had goals for this summer. I had goals that said that I would do more posts now that I didn’t have the excuse of being busy for 7 hours a day with school. I also had goals that included getting in shape. All these goals have awarded me is a camera full of photos for posts that I was too lazy to put up and a pair of gym shorts that I wore grocery shopping instead of to any fitness oriented area. I think I’m kind of winning the lottery at life right now.100_1532 100_1531 100_1530

Sweater: Decoded; Shorts: Hibbett Sports; Bag: thrifted; Scarf: thrifted; Shoes: DIY
Sweater: Decoded; Shorts: Hibbett Sports; Bag: thrifted; Scarf: thrifted; Shoes: DIY