Your Fave is Problematic: New Foundations

Today on Instagram I learned that a lot of people now believe that Lorac Cosmetics is “racist.” No, they have not accidentally dropped the N-word or openly appropriated black culture. In fact, most of the debate stems not from any sort of offensive inclusion of blackness, but on the exclusion of blackness from their new foundation line. While the debate is heated and often eye-roll inducing, I can ultimately say that I am quite pleased.LoracInsta

The debate is primarily concentrated on this post featuring a model with swatches of the 8 shades of their new Sheer POREfection Foundation which appears to only carry 2 shades geared more-so towards those of us with more melanin in our skin. In all honesty, I am past the point of being disheartened as Lorac’s most expansive foundation line includes a “whopping” 10 shades and the “perfect transition color” from their Pro Matte Smokey Eye Tutorial looks a bit like ash when I put it in my crease. Based on these experiences, I am not saying that I knew that their new foundation launch would not include a lot of black and brown friendly shades, but…let’s be real: I was not expecting them to launch a lot of black and brown friendly shades.

And, as previously stated, I am pleased with the drama. While, there is nothing positive about loving to invest in makeup products and not being able to because they are made without you in mind, there is something positive about beauty fans engaging in meaningful conversations. I was so hype to try a Benefit foundation after hearing one of my favorite YouTubers talk about it, but could not buy it because they did not have my shade. I was really excited to buy and review the Too Faced Born This Way Foundation when it first launched, but never purchased it because I knew that any reader darker than me would not be able to try it because they did not have their shade. As a black woman I have become conditioned not to expect my shade range to be included in a foundation’s launch, unless said launch comes from a company with “black” in its title. Black people come in all different shades of darkness and lightness and many times a great deal of us are completely excluded from enjoying new foundations because our shade has yet to be created. My black friends often ask me to help them choose the right foundation color or lament to me about being improperly shade matched by the artists at various counters and I often wonder, if this problem happens to so many of us, then why isn’t it t more broadly discussed?

For this reason, Instagram commenters, I salute you. You have continued to bring meaningful conversation to social media, and though your use of the term “racism” is overzealous and some of your opinions are a little wild (and others are flat out offensive) I am more than happy to see this challenge to the status quo. Continue to ask questions be it on why foundation launches are so limited, the truth behind consumer trends, and why so many of your fellow beauty lovers continue to reach for a comparison between brands like Black Opal and Too Faced, Maybelline, or Lorac. Let 2016 not be the year that we continue to hide behind explanations of the present condition, but let it be the year that we continue to push for what the near future can be.

*Note: This post does not exist as an attack on Lorac Cosmetics or any other mentioned brand. The original Unzipped Eyeshadow Palette is my 1 true makeup love and they are the creators of my favorite lipstick. This is simply a commentary on the themes emerging on the public responses to their recent Instagram post.

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Lorac Pro Matte Eyeshadow Palette – Review

Hello all! Today I have a review that has been a long time coming and it is on the Lorac Pro Matte Eyeshadow Palette. I am a huge Lorac fan and actually purchased this on my birthday, because why wouldn’t my gift to myself be the addition of more Lorac in my life? It was and is still $28 at Ulta and also on the Lorac Cosmetics website. Unfortunately, no coupon codes apply (which is sad, because I love to hit you all up with a good deal), but $28 isn’t too much of a break the bank price for a palette of 8 shadows.


The packaging comes in the same sleek cardboard fold over palette as all other Lorac palettes and includes a nice mirror on the inside. I know on social media a lot of people were surprised that the palette is quite small (though I just like to call it travel friendly). The website says that the total net weight is 0.144 oz./4g, which doesn’t really mean much to me, so just be aware that it will fit very nicely in your hands. As the name of the product tells you, everything inside is matte, and it carries a nice array of fairly neutral shadows which I’m assuming means that you can create a lot of everyday matte looks with it whether you’re at home or on the go.


No Flash
No Flash

To be honest, swatching isn’t the best way to measure the pigmentation of a product or it’s actual use, especially as I’ve found that streaks of matte shadows never really do much for me, but as you can see, they are for the most part fairly pigmented. In actual use, I’ve found that they hold up very well and generally do not crease on my oily lids.

Despite the ease of use color selection, I can honestly say that this palette has not been the easiest for me to use. I don’t necessarily find the formula of each shadow to be consistent through-out, and the shade Courdoroy has been particularly difficult for me to use. It never really blends out as easy as I need it to, and while I like to invision it as a perfect complimentary crease color for most looks, it’s better used on the lid where little manipulation is necessary for a good look. The only way to really blend it anywhere is to barely dip your brush into the shadow, which requires way more self-control than I am capable of on a daily basis. Also, the shade Burgundy, when blended with other colors has generally failed to keep up any of its brick redness. I generally don’t touch the shades Bare or Linen, but Pink Mauve, Latte, Chocolate, and Jet Black really make the palette for me. They’re all very versatile, pigmented, and most importantly, easy to actually integrate into looks because they blend so well.

In the end, I wouldn’t say this palette has necessarily wowed me. I’m not upset that I bought it because I get so much use out of the shades that I do love. I know this is a lot of people’s everyday go-to palettes, but I’ve found that it’s a palette that works best for me when used with other palettes (particularly the Unzipped Palette). As I have no shortage of palettes, I’m not particularly bothered by this, but if you’re looking for a good palette to start out with, then I’d recommend skipping out on this one.

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