I generally don’t consider myself a very patriotic person, but in true American nature, I always like to think of the 4th of July as a time to burst out in song and dance about how much I love my country. Unfortunately, it rained all morning which lead to all festivities being cancelled, so I had to celebrate this great nation’s birth the only way I knew how: listening to Lana Del Rey, eating white chocolate covered pretzels, and watching an entire season of Community. I sat on my bed in my 2009 American flag t-shirt enjoying all of the first world comforts that have come to represent my people and it was beautiful. And then I went outside and played with some mild explosive type things as 4 people in my neighborhood competed to see who could have the best fireworks show. It was a level of fabulosity that could only be properly brought to a close by pulling together this floral number here that has nothing to do with patriotism at all. Lovely.100_1905 100_1901

Sweater: Copper Key (Goodwill); Skirt: CATO; Shoes: ? (Goodwill)
Sweater: Copper Key (Goodwill); Skirt: CATO; Shoes: ? (Goodwill)

100_1911 100_1932 100_1943

Mint Mice

In about 24 hours I have to take a pre-calculus exam that counts for about 20% of my grade and rather than studying, I chose to go out and frolic in the leaves in my backyard whilst taking photos. My priorities are apparently all wrong.100_0668 100_0671

It's quite windy out today.
It’s quite windy out today.
T-Shirt: Mickey & Co. (Goodwill); Skirt: CATO; Boots: White Mountain (TJ Maxx); Tights: GEORGE (Walmart); Socks: Forever 21
T-Shirt: Mickey & Co. (Goodwill); Skirt: CATO; Boots: White Mountain (TJ Maxx); Tights: GEORGE (Walmart); Socks: Forever 21


I think I’m going through a completely unwarranted existential crisis today. You know, the kind that you get when you find out that something that you’d believed to be true for the longest time turns out to be false. Yeah…I found out the most terrible thing today: cows don’t have multiple stomachs! Just one stomach with multiple chambers. This is almost as bad as the time that I find out that eating thawed waffles from the frozen food aisle without putting them in the toaster first wouldn’t give me salmonella like my brother told me they would. On the bright side though, the fact that cows have multiple chambers in their stomach does mean you can feed them gummy worms and nothing bad will happen to them. Yeah, just some childish and rambly thoughts to match how young this outfit makes me feel. 🙂

Sweater: Cato via Goodwill; Skirt: Cato Girls via Cato; Tights: ?; Boots: White Mountain via TJ Maxx; Bag: thrifted; Necklaces: Etsy

I really like cows but I have plans to go to Five Guys because they’ll put relish, BBQ sauce, and green peppers on my burger…