Dark at Noon

I will never fail to be interested in the idea of wearing strictly black in the summer. I already have an obsessions with all black outfits (which is typically set back by the lack of all black garments in my closet) because it makes me feel effortlessly cool and a little bit like a secret agent about to go on a mission, but there’s something about wearing it in the middle of summer heat that just gives it an extra kick. Perhaps it makes me feel a bit like a rebel for wearing dark colors in the sunniest times or maybe it could just be that I’m somewhat of a masochist and enjoy the torture that is being warmer than necessary. It could just be that I enjoy just how impractical the outfits are for the weather. I am quite easily pleased.100_1967 100_1969

Headband: Claire's; T-shirt: ? (Goodwill); Jeans: Jordache (Walmart); Shoes: ? (Goodwil); Necklace: Etsy
Headband: Claire’s; T-shirt: ? (Goodwill); Jeans: Jordache (Walmart); Shoes: ? (Goodwil); Necklace: Etsy, Bag: (thrifted)

Flower Power

I’m in the process of coming to terms with the idea that I have minor social issues. Being around groups of people who I have never met before and am expected to interact with makes me nervous to the point where I experience anxiety that physically makes me feel ill. I spent 2 years doing theatre and speech which has helped my social skills to a point and have taught me how to interact with an ‘audience’ and among my peers but at the end of the day, I still suffer anxiety from social interactions with strangers, which is part of my motivation for getting dressed everyday. I find wearing certain clothes comforting. I feel powerful in certain outfits or wearing certain pieces that embody a different character.


Headband: Claire's; Blazer: Monteau (TJ Maxx); T-Shirt: ?; Jeans: CATO; Shoes: DIY
Headband: Claire’s; Blazer: Monteau (TJ Maxx); T-Shirt: ?; Jeans: CATO; Shoes: DIY


When I put on a floral headband I am no longer Olive the Scared who feels need to shy away from all social interaction; I become Olive the Woodland Creature who only shies away from some social interaction and is able to try to put effort into being around others. Clothes aren’t a cure all or an end all but they are the change of perspective that can make or break me in my abilities to perform certain tasks. They give me the power to move forward in life and try new things. All I need is clothes, time, patience, and a couple of breathing techniques. 🙂

The Happy Season

It’s that time of the year again! Exam season (or, it is at least in my area)! You guys know what exams mean: a free pass to dress as comfy and bummish as you want without having to face criticism from everyone around you because ‘everybody’s doing it.’ Mind you that is a terrible excuse for doing anything, even something clothing related, but none-the-less, I dressed for comfort. I broke out one of my snuggliest sweaters and my trusty moccasins and tested until I could test no more! But don’t fret my friends! I rewarded myself with a nice long nap the moment it was over! 🙂100_1442 100_1447

Sweater: Faded Glory (Walmart); Jeans: CATO; Shoes: No Call (Shoe Show); Headband: Claire's; Necklace: Etsy
Sweater: Faded Glory (Walmart); Jeans: CATO; Shoes: No Call (Shoe Show); Headband: Claire’s; Necklace: Etsy

100_1452 100_1454

Hello Mother Nature

“Hello Mother Nature” said the guy in my U.S. history class when I sat down next to him wearing my floral print jeans and new flower garnished hand band (one of two things that I bought while I was away at my competition) on Friday. Little did I know that if my life was a novel, that compliment could be considered foreshadowing seeing as Mother Nature showed up while I was at school because the temperature rose from the 30 something degrees it had been when I left to a very sunny 72. My sweater went from being functional and cozy to out of place and irritating while the headband went from being stylish to artistically functional.100_1153 100_1158

Headband: Claire's; Sweater: Faded Glory (Walmart); Jeans: L.E.I. (Walmart); Shoes: No Call (Shoe Show); Necklace: Etsy
Headband: Claire’s; Sweater: Faded Glory (Walmart); Jeans: L.E.I. (Walmart); Shoes: No Call (Shoe Show); Necklace: Etsy

The Classy Garden

While a part of me that questions whether or not I should still be wearing my floral headband, there’s an even bigger part of me that congratulates myself for wearing it because I’m living out my childhood dream of being a garden fairy. Not only am I living out my garden fairy dream, but I’m also wearing a bow tie, which means I’m not just dressing as a garden fairy; I’m dressing as a classy garden fairy. Add in the fact that I’ve acquired a “bow tie buddy” earlier today and guessed that we were reading about cannibals in AP Language, and we can all just assume that this has been a pretty fine day.100_0952

Cardigan: CATO; Blouse: Goodwill; Jeans: Old Navy; Socks: Forever 21; Shoes: No Call (Shoe Show); Headband: Forever 21
Cardigan: CATO; Blouse: Goodwill; Jeans: Old Navy; Socks: Forever 21; Shoes: No Call (Shoe Show); Headband: Forever 21
A closer look at my headband. Spring flowers are lovely :)
A closer look at my headband. Spring flowers are lovely 🙂

P.S. Please excuse my facial expression. It was quite windy out today, and the breeze disturbs me.

Bohemian Rhapsody

This is a snippet from my school’s recent “spirit week”. In case you couldn’t tell what I dressed up for (which is quite understandable),  it was decade day, in which I chose to go for a subtle 70’s look because I’m lazy. Unfortunately, most of my friends hadn’t realized that I’d dressed up and assumed that I’d just shown up in my normal attire. It’s not my fault that any day just so happens to be a good day for flare jeans and a floral headband.

Jacket: Aeropostale via Goodwill; Top: Vintage Vinyl via Goodwill; Jeans: Aeropostale; Shoes: No Call via Shoe Show; Headband: Forever21; Necklace: Etsy, Belt: ?


American Daydream

There comes a time in every person’s life when making a C in a class goes from “No, I’m a total failure at life who will never amount to anything in the future!” to “Yeah! I’m a boss who most definitely does not fail their classes!”. I’m living in that moment right now, so I just thought I’d sit back and enjoy all the things that have made this a terrific Tuesday.

Floral Headband: Forever21 via Forever21; Blazer: Monteau via TJ Maxx; T-shirt: Miley Cyrus & Max Azria via Wal-Mart; Jeggings: Cato via Cato; Boots: White Mountain via TJ Maxx; Necklaces: Etsy

New boots!

Lace blazers!

Barbeque chicken quesadillas! Barbeque Chicken + Cheese Quesadillas = Joy! 🙂