Maybelline The Blushed Nudes Eyeshadow Palette – Review


Hello, all! Today I come to you with another review and this one is from my favorite drugstore brand, Maybelline! I picked up their new Blushed Nudes palette and wanted to share my thoughts with you all on it. I purchased mine from Walmart for $9.99, the same price as the original The Nudes palette. Like always, if you’re feeling pretty budget savvy, you can pick yours up from Ulta with a mascara or something and use their current coupon code (or print off the physical coupon) and score $3.50 off of a $10 purchase.

The palette comes in a nice and sleek blush tone plastic frame with clear space to see all 12 shadows inside. It is very sturdy, an awesome size for travel, and overall does a good job at not falling apart (which I wasn’t expecting to be a problem, but sometimes you just don’t know). All of the shadows inside of it are primarily in the realm of ‘blush,’ living up to the name and carrying some soft pink iridescence or shimmer to them.


No Flash
No Flash

I swatched these shadows on my arm with the Lorac Behind the Scenes Eye Primer as a base. Some may call that cheating, but let me tell you, primer was very necessary as these shadows apply better than they swatch. If you’re into showing off you Insta-color shadow arms to your legions of followers or if you love caressing blocks of velvety smooth shadows then this product may initially disappoint you in those departments. As a person who both loves a good swatch and feeling up those shadows, I found that those initial ‘disappointments’ are really easy to overlook, simply because the product works incredibly well for $10. I recommend using the non-matte shadows with a bit of a damp brush, but overall I was able to achieve a greater depth of color in application than on my arms and that’s perfectly okay. The shadows were blendable, buildable, and were not heavy on the creasing – though I still do recommend using it with a primer.

My only real complaint about it is that while I find the idea of blush tones x5 to be pretty awesome in theory, in reality it was a little bit impractical for my needs. I don’t need brown with subtle flecks of pink glitter; I just need brown. The color selection of this palette is very charming, especially as full drugstore palettes appears to be a recent occurrence, but everything about these shadows did not have to be bathed in blush.

Finally, this review would not be complete unless I compared this palette to my beloved The Nudes one and I can tell you right now, the quality of The Blushed Nudes is better. The shadows are more pigmented, there are less chalky shades to sort through (though some still do exist), and the color selection is fairly unique. It doesn’t look quite as sexy as The Nudes and I can’t fill my brows in with it, but that doesn’t matter because it appears that a lot of my initial concerns about the original palette were addressed in this one.

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NYX Prismatic Eye Shadow – Review

Hello, all!


A few weeks ago I was shopping online and came across these lovely Prismatic Eyeshadows from NYX. The eyeshadows retail for $6 per shadow. You can pick them up discounted at the NYX website where you can get 25% off of your first purchase and free shipping for purchases over $25 or pick them up at Ulta during one of their buy 1, get 1 50% off. There are currently 12 shades available online. I purchased 3 and have used at least one of them in nearly every makeup look I have done since they arrived in the mail.

Here are the 3 shades I picked up:



I am a very texture oriented person, so the first thing that I noticed about these shadows (well, other than the fact that one of mine had apparently gotten some rough treatment on its way to my mailbox) was that they are so incredibly smooth. When I was in the process of swatching them, I had to take a moment to simply relish in the fact that it felt like I was running my finger across velvet. Not only were they smooth to touch, but they were also smooth to apply and so incredibly pigmented.

After using these eyeshadows in actual looks, I did find that there are a few cons to the product. The most important thing I found about these shadows is that it needed a good eye primer. I usually just use my $1 elf primer, which has always held up for me, but these shadows were most long wearing with the Lorac Behind the Scenes Eye Primer. I also found that I got the greatest pigmentation by applying the shadows with my fingers, rather than with a brush. In fact, the only time I use a brush with these now, is if I’m placing them in my inner or outer corners of my eyes.

Sample Looks:

Fireball on the lid, Bedroom Eyes on the outer corner and into the outer crease, and Liquid Gold on the inner corner
Fireball on the lid, Bedroom Eyes on the outer corner and into the outer crease, and Liquid Gold on the inner corner
Fireball on the lid
Fireball on the lid

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed these shadows and plan to purchase more. They blend well, apply easily, and the price is right. They are a cheap and simple way to pump up a glam, shimmery look or to bring bright colors into your spring/summer routine!

Lorac Unzipped Eyeshadow Palette – Review

Hello, all!


If you follow me on Instagram, then you’ve probably know that I recently picked up this Lorac Unzipped palette last week. I initially went in intending to get the new Unzipped Gold, but after examining the colors in person, I actually walked away with the original Unzipped and decided to see if it lived up to all the love that it’s received these past few years. This palette was $42 dollars at Ulta, contains 10 shades, a mini bottle of Lorac’s Behind the Scenes Eye Primer, and taught me that the I am very much in love with rose-gold! After using solely this palette for my eye makeup for the past week, I am finally ready to share my thoughts on it with you all.

Here are all 10 shades:

100_3154_new 100_3188_new 100_3194_new

I found that they were all reasonably pigmented when I swatched them on my arm dry, especially because I do occasionally have an issue where eyeshadows really want to blend in with my skin. In my opinion, the matte shades were a little bit less intense than the shimmers. This doesn’t necessarily bother me, but is something that you may want to take into consideration if you are planning to purchase this palette. The only real complaint I have about this palette is that some of the colors are a bit too similar. I did a different eye look every day, but I found that it wasn’t always fully obvious that I was changing things up and using multiple shadows. They’re all at different intensities of gold/rose-gold, which is fun to look at in the palette, but generally will not translate over as blatantly on the eye unless you give the shadows some extra help with a colored base.

This palette was also, as expected, very long wearing. Iy came with a mini primer that I used for maybe about a day before simply swapping back to using my $1 e.l.f. primer, because there’s no use in using their expensive product when the shadows are quality enough to hold up on their own. In fact, I rinsed my arm off after doing my first set of swatches and  found that I had to actually scrub a bit (albeit, not too harshly) to get the shadows off, which was amazing.

Overall, I do feel like this palette lived up to most of the hype that it’s gotten over the years. The shadows are pigmented, long wearing, and very blendable. I believe that they are worth the price (though if you can find them at a discount, that’s even better), especially if you are a fellow lover of rose-golds!

What are your favorite eyeshadow palettes? I’m always down to find more, so feel free to comment your faves below!

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