Fall Favorites: Coats

It still be over 70 degrees outside where I live, but it is officially fall! Celebrate with a pumpkin spice latte, your favorite cozy sweater, and the glory of 10 of Forever 21’s raddest fall-ready coats and jackets!

1. Checkered Moto Jacket

2. Asymetrical Hooded Jacket

3. Plaid Pea Coat

4. Faux Suede Moto Jacket

5. Double-Breasted A-Line Coat

6. Bouclé Moto Jacket

7.  Collarless Scuba Knit Coat

8. Shawl Collar Coat

9. Retro-Inspired Bouclé Coat

10. Classic Double-Breasted Coat

Which is your favorite?

Cuddle Love

So it’s that time of the year again! I’m not talking about fall; I’m talking about “almost-fall” when the leaves are falling off the trees but its still burning up outdoors and I’m just thinking ‘weather, what are you doing?’. Yes, that time of the year when you leave out in the morning and it’s fit for tights, a warm sweater, and a cup of hot cocoa, yet when you make your way home in the afternoon you suddenly begin to question why you didn’t decide to wear a pair of shorts. It’s a horribly confusing time, but even the seasons have to go through their awkward and unattractive phase, which is why I found it most pertinent to bring you all a brand new etsy lovin’ scarf appreciation post. Cuddle up in one in the morning, discard it in the afternoon, and transition back and forth as you so please. They are a gift from the fashion gods.

Item No. 10: Alice in Wonderland Book Scarf

Nothing is more befitting for this season then cuddling up with a nice book in some warm clothes, and now you get to do so at half the effort seeing as the book is literally in the scarf! Or you could just wear it for aesthetic purposes! Either way, you get the fun of looking like an intellectual and nothing’s better than that!

Item No. 9: Coral Infinity Scarf

Coral is the color that dreams are made of.

Item No. 8:  Black and White Scroll Infinity Scarf, Flannel Floral Pattern

A very classy scarf, made to fit a very classy person. What I may lack in chicness, this scarf will clearly make up for in its design.

Item No. 7: infinity knitted women scarf men scarf –  loop scarf

This is obviously a scarf that anyone can enjoy (which may be part of the reason why its creator went on to specify that its for men, women, and loop lovers everywhere) and it has that softness to it that I can feel through my computer screen. I can definitely picture myself cuddling up in this warm thing, embracing the monotony of black, white, and grey (which I deem to be the colors of my soul) while silently judging the leaves that fall from the trees that remind me that a day or two of raking the yard is in my future.

Item No. 6: Cranberry Infinity Scarf

Is red not the color of passion fit for such passionate souls such as that which lies within us? I don’t know. What I do know is that it looks great on nearly everybody and still manages to be eye-catching even in this muted tone.

Item No. 5: Pink scarf shawl

I’m in the midst of having a serious love affair with the color pink and this scarf is doing nothing but tempting me. It has lace, bows, and ruffles all wrapped into one quirky, girly package. What’s not to love?

Item No. 4: Giraffe print so soft cotton infinity scarf

Why pay to take a trip to the zoo, when you can have to zoo come to you in you scarf? Look at those majestic giraffes run wild around that white backdrop, living freely without a care in the world. Live that life. Be that life.

Item No. 3: Ombre Braided Maroon Scarf

This is a scarf that speaks for itself.

Item No. 2: Beige Skull Scarf

I’ve always wanted to live that hardcore lifestyle, but I’m just not that hardcore of a person. For those of us who want to live on the edge, but don’t actually have what it takes to reside there full time, their is this scarf. Vibrant and edgy without being overbearing; it calls for us.

Item No. 1: Lace Knit Scarf

Shall we take a step back and gaze at perfection at its finest? Shall we admire the blend of the beauty that it mint mixed with the gentle elegance of lace?

Are you feeling the wonder of the scarves as well? Which one was your favorite? Or were they all so terrible that you hated them all (though I really hope that wasn’t the case)?

I’m Kind of, Like, Obsessed

Hello lovelies! I know I’ve been away for a while and I apologize for that. My life has basically consisted of getting ready for the new school year (i.e. I’ve spent all summer procrastinating on the assignments I was supposed to do and am now hurrying to get them done). In the midst of all the stress, I’ve basically been inside, chilling with the air conditioning on, which means that most of my outfits weren’t worthy of being shared. There has been one high note to all of this back to school mayhem: back to school shopping! I don’t really shop for back to school clothes (I go to school in the summer, and already bought some new summer clothes so I wait until fall to get my shop on), but I do love to shop for supplies. My main focus at the moment has been, as you may have guessed, backpacks. My backpack just came in the mail today, but I thought I would show you all the other bags that I found drool worthy while shopping!

1) Traveler Tribal Pattern Backpack



2) Castelvisconti Backpack



3) Aldo Cuardullo Spotty Canvas Backpack


4) Mossimo Supply Co. American Flag Backpack



5) Bank Floral Backpack


Which bag do you guys like the best?

Shortall Summer

As you guys may have seen in my last post I am officially an owner of my very own pair of shortalls. Its actually a surprise to me that I enjoy them, seeing as I despise wearing shorts, but I’ve fallen in love. Last year when I first saw overalls becoming ‘chic’ I was enamored but afraid to venture into that territory for fear of looking like a child, which isn’t that difficult for me. This summer, I allowed my curiosity to get the better of me and the result is my happiness.

100_1881 100_1880

Top: Mountain Lake (Goodwill); Shortalls: Xhilaration  (Goodwill); Shoes: ? (Goodwill); Necklace: Walmart
Top: Mountain Lake (Goodwill); Shortalls: Xhilaration
(Goodwill); Shoes: ? (Goodwill); Necklace: Walmart


While I may only own one pair of shortalls, my obsession has continued onto me looking at them on the internet and imagining what my life would be like in every pair. Here are my top 5:Shortalls Appreciation

1) Tribal Print Shortalls – $23

2) Topshop Paisley Shortalls – $40

3) Tinseltown Denim Short Overalls – $20

4) Boohoo Sienna Pinafore Dungaree Culottes – $24 (out of stock)

5) USA Flag Print Frayed Dungaree Playsuit – £25 ($38)


Let Us Conclude That I’ve Found Cosmic Love

I feel like it’s been forever since I’ve done a post about my fashion findings from the internet (insert a horrified gasp and head shake of disapproval here) and with my excitement over my upcoming trip to the fabulous Forever 21, I decided to make a post of my favorite things from their site. From this post you should be able to conclude that I am something of a masochist who loves to torture herself by spending hours looking at clothes that she most likely won’t by when she does finally go shopping.

Item #5: The Polka Dot Backpackf21 backpack

I’m generally not a backpack person (I go for cute tote bags and large purses when I’m at school), but occasionally I do find a backpack that strikes my fancy. Perhaps it was polka dot print or maybe it was the leather that caused my to become smitten for this bag; all I know is that this was love at first sight (and not in the tragic Romeo and Juliet “star-crossed lovers” way-except it kind of is because me and this bag will most likely never be together).

Item #4: Star Print Skinny Jeansf21 jeans

I’m not the most patriotic person on earth, but I do have a taste for printed jeans (especially of the white shapes on classic denim variety-though I’m sure you guys may have already picked up on that) which was enough for me to fall for the American flag print trend for denim from last summer. That being said, I was never fashion savvy enough to walk around in jeans that mimic the garnish on every American school’s flag pole, so star print jeans are a lovely compromise.

Item #3: Rosette Cluster Headwrapf21 headband

The only explanation for this is the fact that I love floral headbands and have a toxic relationship with the memories of my 12-year-old self who tried (and failed at) going through both an emo and gothic phase. What better way to celebrate that than with a this accessory that obviously is speaking to my soul?

Item #2: Pleated Straw Pork Pie Hatf21 hat

My classic fedora says “I’m to cool for school.” Unfortunately, I am in school (and loving it), so I need a hat that says “I’m educated with a laid back personality.” Of course, that last statement isn’t all that true (the laid back part is, not the one about whether or not I’m educated), but part of the fun of getting dressed is playing a bit of dress-up, yeah?

Item #1: The Celestial T-Shirt Dress of My Dreamsf21 dress

I like to think of this dress as my one true love. I’d write sonnets about this dress.I’d paint portraits of this dress to rival the Mona Lisa. I’d write Mariah Carey style ballads about this dress. I’d make crappy YouTube videos documenting my relationship with this dress with overly upbeat love songs from One Direction playing in the background. I’d make sure it knew that I will never love another dress as I love it. This dress, my friends, is the dress of my dreams.

Etsy Loves (Sweater Edition)

Seeing as I spent the last of my casual shopping money on tea yesterday, and have come to the conclusion that the rest of my funds must go to all of the various tests I plan to take this year, I’m going have to get back to fawning over items I can’t currently have. Now, I could do that in private, but such actions would make me into one of those pitiful people who waste all of their time feeling sorry for themselves for being broke. So, I’ll do it publicly in the form another Etsy post. Yay! I am officially a little less pathetic!

Item No. 1: Heart Sweater hand stenciled cream and black loose and drapey OOAK upcycled

Oooh! Upcycled (let’s take a moment to pretend I actually know what that word means)! Alas, it was only fitting that my Etsy Love post began with this heart sweater. I’m typically not the hugest fan of graphic sweaters (I usually gravitate towards striped sweaters or ones with an all over print), but it feels as if this sweater deserves to be paired with pastel skinny jeans and leopard print shoes. Of course, they won’t be my jeans or shoes, but hopefully this doll will find a stylish owner.

Item No. 2: AMAZING vintage La Vista Newspaper sweater paris Acrylic kitsch hipster geek geekery new york funky

Monday. Tuesday. Wednesday. Thursday. Friday. Every day! Forget the fact that the description of this item is unnecessarily (and quite ridiculously) long and let’s focus on the wonderful name of the newspaper on it. Newspaper! It’s a pretty quirky sweater though, so I’m not knocking ’em for their name choice.

Item No. 3: Unisex Deathly Hallows Harry Potter Sweater – Choose Size – MADE TO ORDER – American Apparel

I don’t need to give a real explanation for this sweater. Just look at it. That’s all the explanation that’s needed.

Item 4: Vintage 80s Rose Crop Top Sweater // Midnight Blues // V-back

The sad thing about this pick, is I already own a vintage style pastel pink floral sweater, yet seriously considered shelling out $13 for this. It would have made sense though. My sweater’s fitted. This sweater’s cropped. My sweater is a complete boat neck. This sweater has a V-back. My sweater has pink roses with green leaves. This sweater has pink roses with blue leaves. They’re McDonald’s. I’m McDowell’s. And, yes, that was a Coming to America reference.

Item No. 5: awesome 80’s oversized aztec print sweater

If you couldn’t already tell, I like sweaters that will make me feel like I got dressed for the wrong decade. While I may not like to use the word vintage in relation to my personal tastes, I will admit this sweater struck my fancy particularly for its 80’s-ness. Because who doesn’t love a good old-fashioned Aztec print that leaves you questioning whether or not that animal on your chest is a house cat, a lion, or snake?

I Still Feel the Etsy Lovin’

Well, seeing as spending all of my time stalking the Tyler Hoechlin (that man is honestly one of the 2 most beautiful creatures on the planet) tag on tumblr is proving to be quite unproductive and has not made me wish to begin any of the many papers I have due this Friday, I decided to share the rest of my Etsy Pinings from last week. Originally the post had 10 items, but after I hit 5, my lazy senses began tingling. So, here is all the awesome stuff I missed out on!

Item No. 1: turn any day into a heist movie – pinback button badge

I’ve never actually seen any point in buying pin buttons, but the shop that makes these has completely changed my outlook. Every button is like a little piece of sarcastic-taco truth. Yeah…don’t even try to understand what I was talking about in the previous sentence…

Item No. 2: Chemistry Nerd Pillow – Green Pleather

I hate to admit it, but after years of hating every science class I had ever taken, I found love in chemistry. I believe the cause of this was when I saw my first periodic table T-shirt and felt a burning desire to have one within my chest. My friends convinced me not to buy it. Imagine how upset they were when we began testing over all the elements. So basically, the moral of this story is that chemistry rocks and nerdiness will lead you to success. Embrace the pillow!

Item No. 3: SUGAR SCRUB – Vanilla Bean Body Polish – Emulsified – 10oz Jar

Like pin buttons, I’ve never really seen the purpose of buying a surplus of bath and skin products. I mean, I don’t like to brag or sound like a narcissistic creep or anything, but sometimes I just sit around and admire how smooth my skin is after shaving (or in the spots where hair has ceased to grow on my legs after using Veet). But, vanilla bean is one of my weaknesses and everything from The Bath Factory makes me think of ice cream and deserts, so it would only make sense I would wish that I wasn’t too broke to pick myself up a jar of body polish.

Item No. 4: Little Owl Backpack

This is a child’s backpack. I am embarrassed to say that I haven’t bought a regular size backpack in years because child ones usually fit like a dream. Plus I like owls and I’m back in school, so it would only make sense that I became infatuated with this lovely creation.

Item No. 5: Pocket watch–antique DIY golden “Paul Lo” octopus baby and Eiffel Tower pocket watch necklace

Pocket watches! Octopus accessories! The Eiffel Tower! Yeah, that’s really all that needed to be said there.

So, there is the other half of my current loves on Etsy, which has unfortunately done nothing to increase my desire to do my school work. I wonder why??? (<-That was a message from the sarcasm fairy) Of course, the only thing to do now is to go back to the roots of the post. Tyler Hoechlin, here I come! 🙂

Etsy Pining

Well, because I pretty much have no life, no money, and am a masochist who enjoys the torture caused by pining over things that I know I won’t buy, I spend all of my dull spots of my week pining over things that I know I won’t buy on Etsy.com. So, to give this pass-time a bit more of a purpose, I decided to share my current obsessions of the moment in a post.

Item No. 1: NEW ENGRAVED – Compass with key Brass Chain Steampunk Necklace

Well, I’ve never been camping, I have zero map skills, and if I were ever lost my only hope would be the power of GPS navigation, but I feel as if now is the time to buy a compass.

Item No. 2: ZELDA Triforce Crest – large decal sticker for macbook

I’m going to be honest about this. I don’t own a macbook. I don’t even own a single apple product, but The Legend of Zelda is my favorite gaming franchise (i.e. the only gaming franchise I care about), so excuse me if I’m tempted to buy this decal that I’d never have the opportunity to use. I can’t help my stereotypical commercial consumer issues.

Item No. 3: iPhone Case Starry Starry Night iPhone Hard Case

As you can probably infer from what I said about the macbook decal, I don’t own an iphone. It’s just…Vincent Van Gogh was the first artist I was ever seriously exposed (I spent a year in art making my own versions of his various works) so whenever I see an item that pays tribute to his works I feel as if I need to buy it.

Item No. 4: Red and Gold Cranes Flying Origami Flower Bouquet

I don’t think even requires a reason.

Item No. 5: Pssst Mini-Notecards with Handwritten CalligraphyThese mini notecards from Sparrow Nest Script, are just something I picked randomly from the shop because I love everything there. It just makes me wish me that people still wrote letters to each other instead of only sending emails and text messages.