March weather fluctuates too fast for me to handle. I wore this outfit a couple of days ago when it was in the low 20s to mid 30s and now its nearly 70 degrees outside. My clothes can barely keep up with these changes. On the bright side, though, I do like that I was able to pull in some bright, springy colors into this outfit and carry a little bit of the upcoming season with me in the lovely roses on my sweater! They actually remind me a bit of the roses that grow in my backyard, only with less wasps and bees hanging around!100_2516 100_2513

Cardigan: Girl Scouts (Goodwill); Sweater: Copper Key (Goodwill); Skirt: Wall Flower; Leggings: Mossimo Supply Co. (Target); Boots: White Mountain (TJ Maxx); Necklace: Etsy
Cardigan: Girl Scouts (Goodwill); Sweater: Copper Key (Goodwill); Skirt: Wall Flower; Leggings: Mossimo Supply Co. (Target); Boots: White Mountain (TJ Maxx); Necklace: Etsy

100_2523 100_2527

What’s your favorite thing about spring?

Valentine’s Nails

Because I’m very cheesy and have not done a nail art post in a while, I decided to give a thematic one a go and post some Valentine’s Day nail art that I’ve been rocking for the past week. They’re all very simple designs that only relied on 3 polishes each (both of which include my favorite polish in the color ‘love’ from Pure Ice) and were painted to the musical stylings of Ariana Grande and her album Your’s Truly, which I will be blasting all day on Friday as I prepare for my super hot date with my laptop and my box of Thin Mints. Hopefully, any of you who are looking to do some semi-festive, but still fairly relaxed nail art are inspired!100_2437100_2431 100_2405 100_2395

Hope you guys have a great Valentine’s Day and feel free to drop your plans for it down in the comments! ūüôā

Magic Fros

Happy Sunday everybody! It’s always been a dream of mine to be able to pull off the afro look and, seeing as I had just washed my hair, yesterday seemed as good a day as any to start (i.e. I was feeling really lazy after washing my hair and decided to let it air dry). I was feeling some serious vibes from the fro, guys. I almost thought I was going to travel back in time to experience some disco fever. Then I remembered that this was a time in which there was no home internet service or computers, so I decided to play it safe and stay in 2013. Nothing’s better than a good old afro, internet connection, and neon green sweater.100_1284 100_1292

Sweater: Decoded; Capris: Jordache; Shoes: ? (Goodwill); Bag: thrifted; Necklaces: my mom's and Etsy; Earrings: Claire's
Sweater: Decoded; Capris: Jordache; Shoes: ? (Goodwill); Bag: thrifted; Necklaces: my mom’s and Etsy; Earrings: Claire’s

100_1301 100_1294 100_1304 100_1302

It's like someone poured the essence of unicorns on my fingernails.
It’s like someone poured the essence of unicorns on my fingernails.

Red and Black

I hope you all have had quite the lovely holiday season this year! I spent today avoiding ovens and other useful cooking appliances before finally sitting down for a nice meal with my family. Most importantly, though, I made my pie!100_0727 100_0729

Blazer: gift; T-shirt: Mickey & Co. (Goodwill); Jeans: Jodarche (Walmart); Shoes: No Call (Shoe Show)
Blazer: gift; T-shirt: Mickey & Co. (Goodwill); Jeans: Jodarche (Walmart); Shoes: No Call (Shoe Show)
My pecan pie. It tastes better than it looks.
My pecan pie. It tastes better than it looks.
My favorite kind of cake: marble!
My favorite kind of cake: marble!
Christmas nails (which will be promptly removed tonight)!
Christmas nails (which will be promptly removed tonight)!

Sweater Nail Art

Hello everyone! Today I made an interesting closet discovery, in which I realized that I do not own any sort of Christmas or winter themed sweater ( ūüė¶ ). So, I decided what better way to get over the fact that I don’t own a Christmas sweater or the money to buy one, than to do a Christmas sweater style nail art that I found online here. It’s lovely right? Yeah, I’m right. Gotta love that reindeer.100_0601100_0597

Random Weekend

Sometimes I have pictures that I intend to post. Then I remember that I have no spots in my posts for them. So, just a couple of old irrelevant pictures to remember summer as I get ready for fall. Though, I don’t think the cooler weather should imply that I can no longer have pastel nails or outfits with the same color schemes as my salads (and why have I never worn a salad inspired outfit?!). No, it just means I’ll be eating more soup.

Oooh! Post-it notes!


Black Sheep

I always find myself looking a little stunned in all of my pictures, kind of like a deer caught in headlights. I think it might be my signature, which could prove to be a bit of a problem when I have to take school photos. Just imagine my yearbook photo…yeah, that’s attractive. Unfortunately, the writing stops here for the most part, seeing as I just spent nearly an hour¬†on an essay on what could have possibly been the most¬†cryptic book on human mythology (which included a lot of stories about self cannibalistic bears and eels that turned into coconut trees). Until next time, feel free to enjoy the loveliness of my favorite sweater, black and white outfits, and my nails that were inspired by this wonderful post from Behind The Sequins.

Sweater: Faded Glory via Wal-Mart; Jeans: Jodarche via Wal-Mart; Sneakers: Converse via Goodwill; Headband: Goody Glam via Wal-Mart; Necklaces: Etsy; Belt: Goodwill


I deemed my outfit my “preppy hipster” look. It would help if I enjoyed shopping at more “prep” themed stores and/or¬†was actually¬†able to understand more¬†of the American hipster subculture¬†(that’s right-I know¬†complex sounding words). So, because I didn’t know how to be a true hipster, and my outfit felt more on the preppy/nerdy side today, I decided to take the safe way out at school which included the overuse of the words¬†“mainstream,” “sadistic nature of today’s society,” and “pretentious” (i.e. I decided to use terms that I may or may not know the full definition of). Unfortunately, all of my hard work was gone to waste whenever I got onto the subject of one of my favorite “obscure” (which really just means something my friends don’t know about because they choose to restrict themselves to a single genre of music, books, television, etc.) bands, Electric Guest. I can’t help the excitement, hence the name of this post (12 lovely Eskimo kisses to whoever already knows the song!).

Bow Tie: my father’s; Shirt: Mountain Lake via Goodwill; Skirt: Sport Gear via Goodwill; Shoes: No Call via Shoe Show; Necklaces: Etsy; Socks: Wal-Mart; Headband: Goody Glam via Wal-Mart

And now some lovely nail art I did on my left hand before reluctantly admitting that I could not copy the design onto my right. Sad, I know, but at least my lack of ambidextrity¬†has granted me something of a tribal print on my right hand. I can just pretend that all the lines turned out…special…on purpose. ūüôā

Inner Universe

When you try to get in an argument of wits with a kid who you have a¬†couple of¬†years of¬†schooling on, you have a problem. When you bring ACT scores into said argument, you should realize that you really need to step back and re-evaluate your life. When you realize that the both of you are comparing ACT scores that you made¬†over a year¬†ago (especially when¬†over a year¬†ago meant age 12 for the other party), you really need to be slapped. I promise I’m not a pretentious jerk who puts too much value in intelligence and test scores that won’t even matter 10 years along the line. The only problem with that promise is…I kind of am. Oh well, if I’m a pretentious jerk, at least I’m a finely dressed pretentious jerk. Though, I suppose I kind of reason to be snobby when I can¬†trick people into thinking they’re seeing a lot more leg than is really there. Beware: This skirt turns me into a cold-hearted magician.

Blazer: Last Kiss via Rainbow; T-shirt: Walmart; Lace Skirt: TJ Maxx; Shoes: l.e.i. via Walmart; Necklaces: Etsy

And now my 10 minute nail art from last week! It reminds me of crucifixes and Latin (don’t try to figure out the relation-it only makes sense in a brain that runs on Vitamin Water).