Vacation From My Vacation

Hello guys! I feel like I haven’t posted in forever, more than likely because I actually haven’t posted in a long time. Usually, breaks in my posts happen because I’m feeling uninspired in terms of my outfits and I don’t find them to be worth sharing, but this time I actually was away traveling to Disney World for my national HOSA competition/conference and then to Memphis for my college orientation. That being said, I am back now, though I do have another trip scheduled for the weekend, and plan to post some more outfits posts and, hopefully, nail art posts soon!100_2832 100_2823 100_2835 100_2836 100_2927 100_2909


On the odd chance that any of you are interested in seeing any of my photos from my time at Disney World feel free to stop by my re-vamped tumblr where I’ve been posting some of the photos I’ve taken (and where my ask box is always open if you ever want to chat) or check out my instagram!

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