I’m Kind of, Like, Obsessed

Hello lovelies! I know I’ve been away for a while and I apologize for that. My life has basically consisted of getting ready for the new school year (i.e. I’ve spent all summer procrastinating on the assignments I was supposed to do and am now hurrying to get them done). In the midst of all the stress, I’ve basically been inside, chilling with the air conditioning on, which means that most of my outfits weren’t worthy of being shared. There has been one high note to all of this back to school mayhem: back to school shopping! I don’t really shop for back to school clothes (I go to school in the summer, and already bought some new summer clothes so I wait until fall to get my shop on), but I do love to shop for supplies. My main focus at the moment has been, as you may have guessed, backpacks. My backpack just came in the mail today, but I thought I would show you all the other bags that I found drool worthy while shopping!

1) Traveler Tribal Pattern Backpack



2) Castelvisconti Backpack



3) Aldo Cuardullo Spotty Canvas Backpack


4) Mossimo Supply Co. American Flag Backpack



5) Bank Floral Backpack


Which bag do you guys like the best?

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