Flower Power

I’m in the process of coming to terms with the idea that I have minor social issues. Being around groups of people who I have never met before and am expected to interact with makes me nervous to the point where I experience anxiety that physically makes me feel ill. I spent 2 years doing theatre and speech which has helped my social skills to a point and have taught me how to interact with an ‘audience’ and among my peers but at the end of the day, I still suffer anxiety from social interactions with strangers, which is part of my motivation for getting dressed everyday. I find wearing certain clothes comforting. I feel powerful in certain outfits or wearing certain pieces that embody a different character.


Headband: Claire's; Blazer: Monteau (TJ Maxx); T-Shirt: ?; Jeans: CATO; Shoes: DIY
Headband: Claire’s; Blazer: Monteau (TJ Maxx); T-Shirt: ?; Jeans: CATO; Shoes: DIY


When I put on a floral headband I am no longer Olive the Scared who feels need to shy away from all social interaction; I become Olive the Woodland Creature who only shies away from some social interaction and is able to try to put effort into being around others. Clothes aren’t a cure all or an end all but they are the change of perspective that can make or break me in my abilities to perform certain tasks. They give me the power to move forward in life and try new things. All I need is clothes, time, patience, and a couple of breathing techniques. 🙂

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