The Rest of My Art Challenge

Gawr! Yes, I know I was absent for a long time for “mysterious reasons” (that shall remain as such), so I thought I’d post the rest of my art challenge up at the same time. I actually skipped challenge 5 (another collage) and 9 (that was actually a freebie), but I have the rest.

Day 6: Draw your favorite food100_1242

I drew a nice plate of buffalo tenders accompanied by some very attractive blue cheese dip. As you can probably tell, this food is much more textured than I’m used to dealing with (and I still didn’t know how to get the shine of the sauce) and I’m a big fan of spicy food.

Day 7: Draw a random object from your house100_1240

I stole one of my dad’s Run DMC plushies for this.

Day 8: Draw a book or anime character100_1238

I can’t really draw in the style used by most animators for anime anymore, so I went for a book and drew one of my favorite book characters of all time, Luna Lovegood. She’s a fab character and now I feel tempted to sit around and watch movies 5-7 part 2 because she’s in them (I’d read the books but I don’t own a full set).

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