The Cozy Sweater

I’m already about 3 days into my spring break and so far my only accomplishments are doing some mild grocery shopping, eating chocolate, making some “art”, and re-watching the entirety of Black Butler. On the bright side, it has finally stopped snowing which means that I now find it safe enough to go out and take pictures! Perhaps I’ll even spend today outside for once. Or maybe not. Breaks have a tendency to turn me into a hermit.100_1227 100_1224

Sweater: Heart N Crush; Jeans: DIY; Shoes: SOX (Goodwill)
Sweater: Heart N Crush; Jeans: DIY; Shoes: ? (Goodwill)

7 thoughts on “The Cozy Sweater

    1. I am forever skeptical of live action movies being made from series that I like (always have been since I saw the live action films for death note), but I shall watch it when it comes out and hope that it isn’t too terrible. And if it does turn out t be a flop, I can pretend to be one of those cultured people who can point out everything that went wrong with the film! πŸ™‚


      1. LOL. Yeah, the only live action drama that I’ve actually semi-enjoyed is Liar Game. SO good..if you haven’t read the manga you should check it out. It’s a never ending cycle of amazingness.


  1. Olive !!!!! your sweaters have to be the coziest ones on these wordpress streets !!!!!!! πŸ™‚ loove them DIY jeans !!! you are rocking it πŸ™‚


    1. Aww! Thanks! I want to start a sweater collection, but the weather’s starting to get all nice and warm out, which is making it particularly difficult. Also, glad you like the jeans! I’m trying to figure out what other things I should put prints on. So far I’ve only thought about trying it on a pair of canvas type sneakers. Any other ideas?


  2. I have seen a lot of people use spikes !! gold, silver, the gold ones look fabulous… you could try spikes πŸ™‚


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