Random (sickly) Weekend

Sorry I was gone again for such a long gap, guys. I’ve kind of had a really terrible week. It technically all started last Wednesday when my AP Language teacher (who was my favorite teacher) quit her job because a lot of the kids at school didn’t like her “teaching style” which led her to the point in her life where she decided that she’d rather be jobless than come to school every day and be criticized for 7 hours straight. Fortunately, my school had a replacement lined  up for her who came in that Thursday and was really committed to the job despite the fact that she was due to give birth to her child this December. We began class as normal for the next two days, but on Monday we found out that her and her unborn child had both passed away over the weekend. Then, on Thursday, I got sick (which is quite trivial in comparison to what happened to my teacher). I guess things have to get worse before they get better, huh?

Marshmallows for a sore throat!
My temporary BFFs
Things I should have studied
Because the best Chinese takeout places give you calendars
The last thing I ever painted
I hope this says what it’s supposed to say
My first serious painting (it’s been sitting around for about 2 years)
Taking showers gives me a baby afro
My lucky curling iron makes it all better
I made smores!

7 thoughts on “Random (sickly) Weekend

    1. We must be like calandar twins or something! Or at least we’ve established that both of us have quite excellent taste in calandars. Anywho, I paint with acrylics (though I believe I’ve been using them wrong), cheap canvas, and occassionally my fingers (I have really small hands and finger painting is fun!). 🙂


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