Heavy In Your Arms

I think that someone should rewrite Little Red Riding Hood into a more modern version with werewolves instead of the big bad wolf and a basket full of store-bought soups rather than a basket full of goodies. It’d probably end up being some sort of awkward combination of Hoodwinked! and Red Riding Hood (2011 film). I’d so write that (comic book style), but I’m too lazy, so I just wore this “costume” instead.

Headband: ?; Hoodie: Sonoma (borrowed); Dress: Delia*s; Tights: GEORGE via Wal-Mart; Boots: White Mountain via TJ Maxx; Necklaces: Etsy

Apple cider, vanilla chai tea, honey, and grits…grocery stores and Wal-Marts have ruined me. Poor grandma….


3 thoughts on “Heavy In Your Arms

    1. Most definitely! I’ll get the illustrations down now and begin writing in December. It’ll probably turn out great because I’m excellent with stick figures. If only I knew how to make stick figure wolves…


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