I always think there’s something wrong whenever I’m standing at the bus stop in a really fancy and proper outfit (which I deem fancy and proper because I’m wearing a bow tie and a button up – that’s right, I dress smart occasionally), but the music I’m listening ruins the mood. Here I am thinking I should apply to Harvard or crack out the philosophy books and the like when Slipknot comes on. Let’s get one thing straight; I do like Slipknot (they’re the first band of the “heavy-metal” genre that I ever actually enjoyed), but they totally killed the mood. Unfortunately, they didn’t kill it as harshly as I killed Eminem’s Stan about 3 songs later.

Shirt: Mountain Lake via Goodwill; Sweater: Faded Glory via Wal-Mart; Jeans: Jodarche via Wal-Mart; Shoes: No Call via Shoe Show; Bow Tie: My father’s
The sole of my loafer is coming off! I can’t handle the idea of handling life without them!

I’m wearing a flannel button up and leopard print loafers. I’m like a classy lumberjack.

P.S. That fall weather is killer! I have so much respect for people who take photos outside when it’s cold.


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