This has possibly been one of the most unproductive weeks of my existence (standard education wise). I’ve been meaning to study for the PSAT, even went out and got a practice book and everything, but unfortunately, studying just feels like a fantasy. The whole concept of it was probably ruined for me when I opened the book on Monday and they kept talking about things like “interior angles” and “polygons”. I don’t remember geometry. I don’t know about this “30, 60, 90” thing. All I know is that this outfit is warm and deserves to be celebrated with a cup of cocoa and a season of Sherlock. Yeah, I’m taking a vacation in Procrasti-Nation.

Sweater: De Rotchild; T-Shirt: Micky and Co. via Goodwill; Skirt: Crimson and Clover via TJ Maxx; Jeans: Cato; Boots: Old Navy via Goodwill; Necklaces: Etsy; Hat: Wal-Mart

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