I think I’m going through a completely unwarranted existential crisis today. You know, the kind that you get when you find out that something that you’d believed to be true for the longest time turns out to be false. Yeah…I found out the most terrible thing today: cows don’t have multiple stomachs! Just one stomach with multiple chambers. This is almost as bad as the time that I find out that eating thawed waffles from the frozen food aisle without putting them in the toaster first wouldn’t give me salmonella like my brother told me they would. On the bright side though, the fact that cows have multiple chambers in their stomach does mean you can feed them gummy worms and nothing bad will happen to them. Yeah, just some childish and rambly thoughts to match how young this outfit makes me feel. 🙂

Sweater: Cato via Goodwill; Skirt: Cato Girls via Cato; Tights: ?; Boots: White Mountain via TJ Maxx; Bag: thrifted; Necklaces: Etsy

I really like cows but I have plans to go to Five Guys because they’ll put relish, BBQ sauce, and green peppers on my burger…

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