Inner Universe

When you try to get in an argument of wits with a kid who you have a couple of years of schooling on, you have a problem. When you bring ACT scores into said argument, you should realize that you really need to step back and re-evaluate your life. When you realize that the both of you are comparing ACT scores that you made over a year ago (especially when over a year ago meant age 12 for the other party), you really need to be slapped. I promise I’m not a pretentious jerk who puts too much value in intelligence and test scores that won’t even matter 10 years along the line. The only problem with that promise is…I kind of am. Oh well, if I’m a pretentious jerk, at least I’m a finely dressed pretentious jerk. Though, I suppose I kind of reason to be snobby when I can trick people into thinking they’re seeing a lot more leg than is really there. Beware: This skirt turns me into a cold-hearted magician.

Blazer: Last Kiss via Rainbow; T-shirt: Walmart; Lace Skirt: TJ Maxx; Shoes: l.e.i. via Walmart; Necklaces: Etsy

And now my 10 minute nail art from last week! It reminds me of crucifixes and Latin (don’t try to figure out the relation-it only makes sense in a brain that runs on Vitamin Water).

6 thoughts on “Inner Universe

    1. Thanks! It was a great find once I found out how to deal with the fact that it was made for someone at least 5 feet tall and that the lace picks up any small objects on the ground (the leaves were the hardest thing to get out). But it does style nice, yeah? 🙂


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