American Daydream

There comes a time in every person’s life when making a C in a class goes from “No, I’m a total failure at life who will never amount to anything in the future!” to “Yeah! I’m a boss who most definitely does not fail their classes!”. I’m living in that moment right now, so I just thought I’d sit back and enjoy all the things that have made this a terrific Tuesday.

Floral Headband: Forever21 via Forever21; Blazer: Monteau via TJ Maxx; T-shirt: Miley Cyrus & Max Azria via Wal-Mart; Jeggings: Cato via Cato; Boots: White Mountain via TJ Maxx; Necklaces: Etsy

New boots!

Lace blazers!

Barbeque chicken quesadillas! Barbeque Chicken + Cheese Quesadillas = Joy! 🙂

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