Panda Nails

While I’m not typically the world’s largest nail art enthusiast (I envy it on others but don’t usually have the patience to try it for myself), I do like to go for some fun nails, which is how I came up with this lovely creation, in which the middle and ring fingers go together to form a panda. The cool part is…

…there’s actually a separate panda on each finger. They may not be the best drawn characters in the world (especially since most don’t recognize that they green is bamboo without prompting), but I think this calls for an A+ for my efforts!

3 thoughts on “Panda Nails

    1. Thanks! The pandas were actually pretty easy (it’s kind of just a bunch of circles and dots)! Oh, and my nails are real. They just don’t break off that easily and when they do they grow back fairly quick! 🙂


      1. Wow! They’re so long that I thought they were fake. Mine grow…but it takes about 3 weeks for them to get to a nice length. They’re pretty strong but they do get broken in work >.< I might give pandas a go sometime.


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