I’m watching Young Justice right now and am currently amazed with how many awesome superheroes I never appreciated, my current favorites of which being Captain Marvel and Superboy (which is a surprise seeing as I have an incredibly strong disliking for Superman). Then, there are the superheroes that I still don’t care about and am still unable to fathom why they are always on these shows. Example: Aqua Man and Aqua Lad. Perhaps I’m just holding some vendetta over the two because I can’t swim, but I really don’t understand their purpose.

Headband: Goody via Walmart; Cardigan: Goodwill; Blouse: Faded Glory via Walmart; Skirt: Goodwill; Moccasins: No Call via Shoe Show; Belt: Goodwill; Necklaces: Some shut down shop on Etsy

As you may be able to tell, I was going for a fortune-teller look when I got dressed this morning (which is ironic since I’m more into subtle ESP and not over decorated campers who bring their crystal ball to the carnival), but everyone I asked said I looked more like a hippie. That being said, I think the fact that about half the outfit I have on comes from Wal-Mart (a fact I don’t really enjoy admitting) kind of kills the idea of me being a hippie. Too bad… I was really looking forward to hanging out in my vintage Volkswagen van.

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