On And On

I meant to do this post a couple of days ago, but unfortunately I got sick from hanging around children who obviously haven’t heard about this cool invention called tissue. So, in the process of recovery I stayed away from the concept of blogging, because I didn’t wish to contaminate my keyboard (eww…I have germs!) and the sound of typing does nothing to help a killer headache. I’m a bit better now though, but most of my outfits have been crap (except for the day at which I was at my worst-I have the most colorful sense of style when I’m ill) so I don’t really have all that much to share.

Headband: Forever21; Cardigan: thrifted; Top: Catos; Belt: my mother’s; Jeans: Goodwill; Moccasins: No Call via Shoe Show; Necklaces: A combination of my mother’s and Etsy

These are my “retro nails” which is an idea I storrowed (stole/borrowed) from this post from Butterfly Kisses.

And this, lastly, is the steak and potato dinner I ate before getting sick. It was lovely, especially the potato (my opinion is biased though-I made that potato). Now, I’m off to actually attempt to do some Pre-Calc. My education is calling. 🙂

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