I Still Feel the Etsy Lovin’

Well, seeing as spending all of my time stalking the Tyler Hoechlin (that man is honestly one of the 2 most beautiful creatures on the planet) tag on tumblr is proving to be quite unproductive and has not made me wish to begin any of the many papers I have due this Friday, I decided to share the rest of my Etsy Pinings from last week. Originally the post had 10 items, but after I hit 5, my lazy senses began tingling. So, here is all the awesome stuff I missed out on!

Item No. 1: turn any day into a heist movie – pinback button badge

I’ve never actually seen any point in buying pin buttons, but the shop that makes these has completely changed my outlook. Every button is like a little piece of sarcastic-taco truth. Yeah…don’t even try to understand what I was talking about in the previous sentence…

Item No. 2: Chemistry Nerd Pillow – Green Pleather

I hate to admit it, but after years of hating every science class I had ever taken, I found love in chemistry. I believe the cause of this was when I saw my first periodic table T-shirt and felt a burning desire to have one within my chest. My friends convinced me not to buy it. Imagine how upset they were when we began testing over all the elements. So basically, the moral of this story is that chemistry rocks and nerdiness will lead you to success. Embrace the pillow!

Item No. 3: SUGAR SCRUB – Vanilla Bean Body Polish – Emulsified – 10oz Jar

Like pin buttons, I’ve never really seen the purpose of buying a surplus of bath and skin products. I mean, I don’t like to brag or sound like a narcissistic creep or anything, but sometimes I just sit around and admire how smooth my skin is after shaving (or in the spots where hair has ceased to grow on my legs after using Veet). But, vanilla bean is one of my weaknesses and everything from The Bath Factory makes me think of ice cream and deserts, so it would only make sense I would wish that I wasn’t too broke to pick myself up a jar of body polish.

Item No. 4: Little Owl Backpack

This is a child’s backpack. I am embarrassed to say that I haven’t bought a regular size backpack in years because child ones usually fit like a dream. Plus I like owls and I’m back in school, so it would only make sense that I became infatuated with this lovely creation.

Item No. 5: Pocket watch–antique DIY golden “Paul Lo” octopus baby and Eiffel Tower pocket watch necklace

Pocket watches! Octopus accessories! The Eiffel Tower! Yeah, that’s really all that needed to be said there.

So, there is the other half of my current loves on Etsy, which has unfortunately done nothing to increase my desire to do my school work. I wonder why??? (<-That was a message from the sarcasm fairy) Of course, the only thing to do now is to go back to the roots of the post. Tyler Hoechlin, here I come! 🙂

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