What I Have Vs. What I Wish I Had

Cheers for my first incredibly long post title! Yay, woohoo, and all of the happy shouting from children should abruptly end here as I transition into the point of this post, in which I’ll shamelessly and probably selfishly share my ventures to an empty wallet (well that feels like it had some threatening and violent undertones). So, feel free to hop aboard and take this smooth voyage with me.


Fun Wedges: Crown Vintage via DSW.com for $30; Studded Plaid Blazer: Urban Renewal via urbanoutfitters.com for $89; Yellow Skinny Jeans: Elizabeth & James via madewell.com for $90; Flower Headband: Capelli of New York via nordstorm.com for $10; Kimono Cardigan: tobi.com for $61

All in all, I think I had a pretty nice week, shopping wise, though I think most of that comes from my stuffed koala (which I promptly named Geoffrey Claude-Xander Wayne). Unfortunately, my koala looks nothing like the one in the set (I don’t even know if it’s actually a koala to be honest) so he shall make his appearance at a later date.

2 thoughts on “What I Have Vs. What I Wish I Had

  1. That kimono cardigan looks pretty good. I myself enjoy colorful pants, but find it most difficult to find the right kind of color to wear, it’s very hard to pull off certain colors in the pants variety for me unfortunately. :[


    1. I used to have that same problem with colorful pants, until I realized they weren’t all that different from wearing a colored top. So, if you wear a color in a shirt or dress, you can pull it off as pants. My main problem is the fit of the jeans. Cuffing will only get a person so far….


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