Etsy Pining

Well, because I pretty much have no life, no money, and am a masochist who enjoys the torture caused by pining over things that I know I won’t buy, I spend all of my dull spots of my week pining over things that I know I won’t buy on So, to give this pass-time a bit more of a purpose, I decided to share my current obsessions of the moment in a post.

Item No. 1: NEW ENGRAVED – Compass with key Brass Chain Steampunk Necklace

Well, I’ve never been camping, I have zero map skills, and if I were ever lost my only hope would be the power of GPS navigation, but I feel as if now is the time to buy a compass.

Item No. 2: ZELDA Triforce Crest – large decal sticker for macbook

I’m going to be honest about this. I don’t own a macbook. I don’t even own a single apple product, but The Legend of Zelda is my favorite gaming franchise (i.e. the only gaming franchise I care about), so excuse me if I’m tempted to buy this decal that I’d never have the opportunity to use. I can’t help my stereotypical commercial consumer issues.

Item No. 3: iPhone Case Starry Starry Night iPhone Hard Case

As you can probably infer from what I said about the macbook decal, I don’t own an iphone. It’s just…Vincent Van Gogh was the first artist I was ever seriously exposed (I spent a year in art making my own versions of his various works) so whenever I see an item that pays tribute to his works I feel as if I need to buy it.

Item No. 4: Red and Gold Cranes Flying Origami Flower Bouquet

I don’t think even requires a reason.

Item No. 5: Pssst Mini-Notecards with Handwritten CalligraphyThese mini notecards from Sparrow Nest Script, are just something I picked randomly from the shop because I love everything there. It just makes me wish me that people still wrote letters to each other instead of only sending emails and text messages.

2 thoughts on “Etsy Pining

    1. Thank YOU so much for checking out my blog! I just finished reading your guest post on Fashion Det and was completely inspired by it (I plan to quote the second to last point you made on my inspiration board)! 🙂


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