About a Girl

Top: Max Rave; Skirt: Walmart; Jeans: Sears; Shoes: Converse; Necklaces: A closed down shop on Etsy

Today I feel as if I’ve accomplished one of my childhood goals of dressing like an anime character. You know, I’ve got my “chic” bob, the cropped pants, the glasses, and I’m wearing a skirt so short it would make the people who create school dress codes cry. 11-year-old me would be so proud. Or perhaps, she would accuse me of being a sorry excuse of a waitress (because let’s face the facts and accept that this skirt looks kind of like an apron) and tell me to dress for the job I want instead of the one that I’m still not qualified to have. Looking back, I think 11-year-old me was kind of a jerk. I wonder if much has changed. Now, I’m not sure if anyone’s noticed or not, but it could be possible that the quality of these photos have had a slight increase. So, like any logical person, I believe this can be brought upon by 1 of 3 occurrence: 1) I’ve gotten a new camera as a month late birthday present, 2) I’ve actually read the instruction manual from the camera I’ve been using to find out what is best suggested I do to take good pics, or 3) I’ve been abducted by aliens who require my presence in order to maintain intergalactic peace so I had my robot stands in do this post for me in hopes that they would know how to mimic exactly how poor of a job I typically do. I’m not going to go out and say which one of these occurrences happened, but I’ll give you a hint: technology has failed me. Now, let’s enjoy a nice photo of a pair of Converse. 🙂

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