Today I’ve been forced to recognize the magical powers stain removers can have on clothing. Fortunately, that realization was not brought upon through the outfit above (that paisley top has enough issues without me getting any questionable stains on it). Unfortunately, though, the realization came from noticing a mysterious stain on the back of the dress I’d been wearing all day that I had planned to use in today’s post. So, sadly it is in the wash and that outfit (which made me feel as if I were one step closer to owning my own mystical fairy garden or becoming a country music artist) will have to wait to get its shining moment on another day. Thus, we are stuck with my less charming back up outfit which is complemented by my even worse posing skills.

Hat: Walmart; Vest: ?; Top: TJ Maxx; Jeans: Aeropostale (thrifted); Shoes: Walmart; Necklace: Some closed down Etsy shop

In case there are any inquiring minds out there, this is photographic evidence of my poor dancing skills (which I believe came from some sort of weird genetic mutation that caused every person in my immediate family to lose the rhythm gene that my extended family possesses). So, let’s all just pretend this moment never happened and wash it out of our heads with the brightness of my new jeans. Oh, and I’ll give you a head’s up; I’m not playing any weird Jedi mind tricks through your web browser, the pants literally hold that much styling potential.

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